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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a psychic reading and an intuitive reading?
  2. How long does a reading last and how should I prepare for a session?
  3. What kinds of questions should I not ask in a reading and can you predict the future?
  4. Do you communicate with people or pets who have passed away?
  5. Do you diagnose or treat health conditions or disease?
  6. How can "therapy" help me with a physical health condition?
  7. Do you treat mental and emotional 'illness'?
  8. How do visualization and affirmation techniques work?
  9. How can energy work be done through a phone or long distance?
10. What services do you provide via the phone?
11. Will I hear about bad things in a reading, especially acts I committed in past lives that are disturbing?
12. How many sessions of counseling and therapy does a client need?
13. Do we really create our own realities?
14. How do the concepts of "Surrender" and "Co-Creation" work together?
15. What are the Akashic  Records and how do you access them?
16. What is the Quantum Field Theory?

1. What is the difference between a psychic reading and a channeled reading? (top)

Some people may consider them the same- it's a matter of semantics. I prefer the term "channeled" because psychic conjures up too many stereotypes of outrageously priced psychic hotlines and fortune tellers with neon window signs. I leave that image for my comedy parody with FLO Darling (see Power Play Events). I draw upon natural intuition that we all possess and years of training in the metaphysical arts. I do not claim to have some of the extraordinary psychic powers that some have, such as mind reading, seeing the future, moving objects with my mind, being able to put my hand into someone's body, sticking knitting needles into my arm without bleeding, etc., etc. (though I HAVE walked on fire and bent metal with my thoughts!) Anyone can learn the occult arts and mind control, and many people in history have who were not spiritual or putting it to good purposes, including Hitler. Instead, I go directly to the Source and channel Soul and your Divine Team and my Divine Guides, and teach how to do that for yourself. I also access the Akashic Records for past lives and soul history.

2. How long does a reading last and how should I prepare for a session? (top)

It is good to have some questions written down, or some areas of concern or uncertainty in your life. The initial session is at least one hour and preferably 90 minutes for a well-rounded perspective on your inquires. This includes education and generally some degree of energy work or emotional clearing. The reason you thought you were coming for a reading is often deeper or more involved than you expected. Following sessions can be from 30 minute increments on.

3. What kinds of questions should I not ask in a reading and can you predict the future? (top)

You can ask about other people as long as it pertains to your relationship or situation with them, such as family members, romantic partners or business associates. Also, if it's just to help them out and we get permission from their Spirit. Predicting the future is an extremely tricky business and I am skeptical about those who do. Parallel realities and your possible directions are often already showing in your energy field and can be picked up on, and I can ask Spirit very specific questions about your future options, and compare the pros and cons of each. However, in either case, the impressions are only true for that moment of asking, and can change by the day, or even the hour (because of everyone's free will, etc.) My objective is to give you more information and insight to help you make the wisest choices, not to give away the answers. If we were meant to know the future in advance, we would! It's designed the way it is for a reason, to teach us to trust in the Universe and the process of our destinies unfolding. And sometimes we are led down a road just for the lessons and growth involved, not because it is our final destination.

4. Do you communicate with people or pets who have passed away? (top)

I believe I have channeled information from either the deceased loved human or pet or their spirit guides, and it has been a comfort to my clients. Mostly they have wanted a sense of understanding and closure about the relationship, or the death itself, and to be informed about the loved one's status, which I can provide. However, it is not a specialty that I market, partly because it has become so "trendy" and sadly, commercialized, with live TV demonstrations and professionals exploiting the pain and desperation of grieving people. The public is willing to pay the HIGHEST of the obscene prices out there for those who claim to talk to the dead (I've seen $300-2.000 an hour).

5. Do you diagnose or treat health conditions or disease? (top)

Legally, only a licensed medical professional can diagnose, treat or prescribe for a health condition. I am an educator and healing facilitator. I pass on information and research by health professionals and scientists who've had successes with certain approaches and support you with tools and resources to find your own healing path. Though I do draw on my nursing and massage therapy training and many years of healing my own illnesses, what I offer is more in the realm of preventative health support and the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects of wellness.

6. How can "therapy" help me with a physical health condition? (top)

You can uncover some of the lifestyle, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your health challenge. I work extensively with the subconscious mind and state of the art mind-body disciplines, and teach you how to work with these yourself. It is now well documented scientifically that our entire system is very integrated through the nervous system, hormones, our gut health and even the heart communicating to the rest of the system in profound ways we never knew about before (Heart Math Institute).

7. Do you treat mental and emotional 'illness'? (top)

Although I have a nursing and mental health background, and I'm very familiar with various diagnoses and psychotropic meds, I do not treat those disorders in any traditional sense. I do, however, believe there are many other facets to conditions such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder that don't get addressed in the medical model, and depression and anxiety/OCD have many other options for successful recovery than medication and the terrible side-effects. I have seen progress in some clients when some of these gaps in treatment are filled in by unorthodox, complementary methods, taking into account the "whole person". I do require full disclosure of a client's mental health history and medications and will certainly refer them to other specialists, as appropriate, but provide lots of info on more holistic methods of treatment, therapeutic nutrition and natural remedies. 

8. How do visualization and affirmation techniques work? (top)

It is now widely understood how the mind and brain affect bodily functions, and this field of science is called "psychoneuroimmunology". When using mind techniques such as visualization you are in a fashion tricking the body into believing something is actually happening on a physical level. Through directing thought, words and images we can create changes in brain wave activity, heart rate, blood pressure, hormones and immune system chemicals and endorphins for pain control and a euphoric state. In a deeper state of trance, such as in hypnosis, the subconscious mind directs the conscious mind and body to believe certain things, and the results can be miraculous. I have seen cesarean section births and root canals given with no anesthesia or pain medication, for instance.

For creating new life experiences, I share the latest science and practices for optimum results.

9. How can energy work be done through a phone or long distance? (top)

Everything is energy, and everyone is an energy being. Energy follows thought and is not constrained by time and space. When one is utilizing "spiritual healing", you can call upon the Spiritual Helpers to assist in addition to pure intention and directing of energy.

10. What services do you provide via the phone or video? (top)

I do everything listed on my website over the phone/video except certain types of hypnotherapy or trauma work, though suggestive hypnosis and guided meditations and journeying are certainly performed. My intuitive and empathic skills enable me to be much more effective at this than a conventional coach or counselor.

11. Will I hear about bad things in a reading, especially acts I committed in past lives that are disturbing? (top)

If the objective of readings and therapeutic processes is to get to the truth, then disturbing information may be revealed or discovered. However, I have found that this is when the MOST healing and growth occur, because it can finally be dealt with and resolved. The MOST common wound and block I am finding, on a soul level, is past life guilt and shame resulting in core feelings of unworthiness and even self-punishment. This state of being makes it impossible for us to fully allow the Universe to support us, and then we feel frustrated and out of control about how our lives are not working. Since this is usually deep in the subconscious for most people, it is wreaking havoc on their lives. Self-forgiveness, for this lifetime and others, is the most challenging task I have with my clients.

12. How many sessions of counseling and therapy does a client need? (top)

You can benefit greatly from even one session but I do offer a discount on packages, which is a good amount of time to do a full assessment and exploration of all your issues, then experience a variety of modalities I offer. For those wanting to make major life and inner changes , or heal significant childhood or health issues, a period of 2 months or more is recommended. It takes time to learn new skills and ways of being and to develop new pathways in the brain and nervous system for these changes to last. Repetition and time alter the subconscious mind and lead to new habits and behaviors. Remember, I am giving homework and educational materials with each session so you are continually learning new concepts and methods for working with yourself. The more one wants to use their time for talking- sharing their experiences, progress, setbacks, challenges and insights, the longer the sessions go, of course. My work tends to be short-term and very solution focused, but I will work with someone for as long as they desire. Childhood abuse and neglect, and conditions arising from it (addictions, eating disorders, destructive behaviors, low self-esteem, etc.) take the longest amount of consistent support and guidance because you are rebuilding from the foundation up, and can only integrate the healing and transformation at a certain rate.

13. Do we really create our own realities? (top)

Now that's a huge question with lots of debate. I do believe we create our realities to the extent of our karmic agreements and needed lessons, our hidden and conscious beliefs and values, our emotional history, our attitudes and thoughts, followed by our words, actions and choices. So it is a very complex process of personal karma (cause and effect) and reality combined with collective consciousness, even cultural, racial and global. There are also unseen forces in the Universe and our Reality in this dimension that are beyond the awareness or comprehension of the average Human. It is my opinion that there are too many simplistic theories of reality creating going around metaphysical and new age circles, including New Thought churches. Interestingly, these are diametrically opposed to much of the Eastern philosophies of India and Asia. I have been deeply and intimately involved with all of these groups over the past 40 years, and I don't find a unified, convincing argument for the "100% responsible for your reality every moment viewpoint". I have known many extraordinarily loving, positive people die from painful cancers after doing every healing thing imaginable. And we all know miserable, negative people who abuse themselves and others and live forever and have good fortune. And when I endured the gloomy, wet Oregon winters for years, I used to joke that no matter how many people sat around and meditated on the sun we weren't going to change the weather that day! So let's act as if we do create our realities and do the very best we can on every level to bring about the life and world we want, but realize there is much we don't yet understand about this Earth experience, God and the Universe, and never get too cocky or dogmatic about any of it.

14. How do the concepts of "Surrender" and "Co-Creation" work together? (top)

There is a lot of confusion in metaphysical and spiritual circles about how to approach methods of using intention and will versus surrendering to what our Divine Source/Divine Will and our "destiny" dictate. Many Eastern and Western teachings conflict about this, especially on the influences of "karma". I think the simplest solution is to establish a balance between the two; use all the methods of visualization, affirmations, prayer and goal setting with full commitment, and release attachment to the outcome. Always end your intention work with the statement, "This or something better is now manifesting for me". This leaves room for the Universe to fulfill your wishes in an even more perfect way than you imagined, and to give you what you actually need, versus just what you think you want.

15. What are the Akashic  Records and how do you access them ? (top)

They are believed to be the repository of every thought, word, and deed of every living being- good, bad, and ugly, in all times; past, present, future. Akasha means "ether" in the Sanskrit language so it is a library of sorts that exists in another dimension. The Cosmic super computer of sorts. Those familiar with the Records report that there is no judgment or implied penalty in the records - they are said to simply be a record of each soul’s journey through Eternity and time is more circular than linear. They can be accessed through deep meditation and prayer and with the assistance of Divine Spirit Guides.

16. What is the Quantum Field Theory? (top)

Quantum Field is theorized to be the place in consciousness where we can travel through meditation and other spiritual practices, and manifest our preferred realities from the Realm of probable ones for our destiny. Quantum Physics is the complex study of the what and why of everything that makes up the universe as well as everything in our lives. Unlike traditional physics that, for the most part, looks at life, us, the world and everything in it as a physical machine of sorts, quantum physics has revealed through modern science what mystics and indigenous people have taught for thousands of years (even Bible quotes)- that it's ALL is pure connected energy, or "light", as some quantum physicists refer to it. And Light carries information.

Bottom line, Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics explain how everything in the cosmos has come to exist, beginning at the atomic and sub-atomic levels, a study of the building blocks of the entire Universe where ALL exists in wave forms (not particles of "matter"), potential realities. The theory in mysticism is that these particle coalesce to form our realities by the thoughts, emotions and images we project and what we focus our attention and intention on. The latest scientific experiments have demonstrated this. So there are parallel realities or timelines, and if we are vibrating at the fear level we will attract and create a less advantageous outcome, but if we are vibrating at a love or joy frequency, and remaining in a gratitude state, we will manifest more of the same.

So remember, you don't get what you "want" or "ask for"- you get what you ARE !

© 2000 and Photos by Sophia Rose. All rights reserved.