Are you WORTHY of love & support ?

Are you WORTHY of all the love & support you ask for?

To find out, are we asking the right questions?

Are you living your ideal life or struggling with mental and physical challenges, financial uncertainty, relationship conflicts or lack of meaning and satisfaction from an existence not based on passion and a higher purpose and understanding.

Or are you that person who has tried everything to grow, improve and heal- decades of self-help books, seminars, gurus, psychotherapy, the latest diet or exercise craze and still feel frustrated and tired from no breakthrough?

Maybe you’re even at that point of despair, resigned to being a loser, failure, victim… helpless to overcome your own demons and the injustices of this crazy world, and possibly hoping something or someone will come along to “save you”.

People are either clueless about the cause and effect equation of this Reality or are running around in circles trying to get fixed. Rarely do i really hear “karma” and the effects of past life actions and agreements being directly addressed as factors in our DAILY experiences. And then how to resolve it. I strongly feel that the New Age teachings and alternative spirituality to religion have done us a great disservice in overlooking this empowering and liberating concept.

IT IS TIME… to learn all the lessons of all time, do the forgiveness, and ultimately forgive ourselves and reclaim our deepest sense of worthiness to receive. The entire planet is in an intense process of purification and karmic balancing and our survival as a species depends on this.  Do you fear there is a Creator waiting to unfairly punish you for all your shortcomings and mistakes?

Einstein said the most important question facing humanity was whether the Universe was friendly or hostile?

What I have found in many years of intuitive readings and clearings i’ve done with people from all walks of life and ages, is that the most common theme blocking them, and myself, has been guilt/shame/unworthiness for what’s been done, or NOT done, in this life or others (including other planets). Because of this, we aren’t able receive from the Universe what we yearn for but subconsciously don’t ALLOW, and then we can feel MORE unworthy when our prayers and intentions seem to not be reflected back. Such a vicious cycle when one does not realize that their fate is a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

We need to discover the DEEPEST underpinnings of our subconscious beliefs, core wounds and self-sabotage, and be liberated by fully integrating our Soul contracts and agendas. Clearly knowing our Soul’s blueprint and mission statement acts as a guide to direct and interpret EVERY thing in our lives as purposeful to support our Soul’s goals- not our egos, minds, emotions and personality’s ideas of what would make us happy and at peace. In this context, even illness, pain and an “untimely” death are not a sign of loss or tragedy, but rather an opportunity for transcendence, transmutation and surrender to a Divine Plan.

The profound transformational work of the Soul Integration Process is precise, quick and lasting, combining 35 years of integrating the best of modalities in body-mind-emotions-and spirit healing. I also teach you easy techniques for clearing your own emotions and beliefs, maintaining your energy systems, healing health conditions and how to effectively goal set and manifest. Many detailed handouts, audios and videos provided for ongoing use.

We begin with a unique channeled intuitive reading, which includes your Soul history, an assessment of your energy systems, health/emotional issues, relationship insights, and guidance on the usual questions of life purpose, money, career, life transitions and decisions. You will find that many of these areas are interrelated and the road to freedom is much more direct than you’ve been making it.

Clearing Emotions & Beliefs with EFT Tapping

Everything in our life is a direct or indirect result of our beliefs. One could say a belief develops from a repeated series of thoughts continually about something until it forms a more permanent groove in the mind, and beliefs are often even inherited from parents, school, religion and society, and are not in alignment with our own life experiences or values.

The main reason we aren’t successful, happy, or prosperous has to do with our beliefs, regardless of our circumstances or how we got into them. It is still our own perception about these events and experiences that then further perpetuates suffering or transcendence and liberation. Our beliefs determine our daily thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings determine our decisions and choices as well as our actions and reactions. Beliefs, then, precede all of our feelings, decisions, choices, actions, reactions, and experiences, and eventually… our destiny.

To make lasting, profound changes in our lives, we have to change the dysfunctional, limiting beliefs at the deepest level of the psyche, the subconscious mind where they are operating and running the show 24/7. If not, we just keep attacking the symptoms, like trying to rub the picture off a movie screen rather than addressing the projector.

But how can you know what your subconscious, underlying beliefs are, for these are the ones that most dictate our perception and behavior? To start with- just observe your life and ask the question, “What would a person have had to believe to create and attract these circumstances and relationships?” Then, for the deepest core beliefs that all others are built on like the foundation on a building, we have to dig even further.

One effective way is to keep saying the word BECAUSE after each belief statement, such as in the belief, “I’m unloveable”…. BECAUSE “I’m bad.” Then, “I’m bad”….BECAUSE “I’m dishonest”. Eventually you could also be led to a negative or traumatic event that installed this belief originally, and then you have a specific memory you can clear too.

EXAMPLE: “I’m bad”…. because Mom always told me so, or because I let Dad have sex with me, or because my brother drowned when I was supposed to be watching him.

You can also determine someone’s beliefs from their actions and reactions. Self-observation or “mindfulness” is a powerful first step in self-awareness and eventually self-regulation and control.

EXAMPLE: Four different individuals could hear the same exact statement in a business meeting or from their spouses and interpret it four different ways according to their own filters! And then they respond accordingly, regardless of the intent of the sender (we’ve all been there!). So take a deep breath, step back and have a moment of “time-out”, and witness yourself in process. And you will be able to identify a bias or pattern in your reactions.

Working with a professional using Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing, is a way to get immediate feedback on beliefs and what is true for you or not, and using a pendulum as well. With EFT, you can also tap for all universal, generic negative beliefs that humans have, and not your specific ones, but that obviously would take longer.

A final note is that sometimes we have an emotional attachment to a specific belief. It has “served” us… whether that be by protecting us, keeping us safe, or giving us an excuse for not having to do something (go to work, be around certain people, etc.)

Physical pain or illness can serve us in the same way. If a specific belief has been “serving or protecting us”, we won’t allow the belief to clear initially. Distressed individuals certainly can use those emotions or pain to manipulate others, or they get some kind of pay-off from them that is set up subconsciously, sometimes at a very young age. The best way to get these defense mechanisms to let go is to replace them with a more positive, life affirming attitude or behavior.

EXAMPLE: If you use an illness or pain to get out of doing things you don’t want to, then adopt the attitude and behavior that it’s okay to set boundaries and limits with people and activities without feeling guilty, and then be mindful of when you’re slipping into old, unconscious patterns and catch yourself ! So the attachments have to be cleared around these issue before tackling the beliefs.

A strong sense of unworthiness or self-punishment (even from past life contracts) can also block or sabotage our efforts and needs to be removed first. This is partly addressed in the set-up statement, “Even though…. I completely love and accept myself”. These are cases where working with a skilled and intuitive professional can really jump start your self-help sessions using EFT.

When you dissolve the CORE beliefs with EFT, many of the other associated beliefs, attitudes and behaviors collapse around it, making for a very holistic, organic, efficient transformational process.

Dysfunctional emotions and limiting beliefs keep us in the lower vibrations of Consciousness and our lives small and in struggle. We simply are disempowered. They also make us self-absorbed on our own pain, wounds and perceived inadequacies. We get lost in fear, grief, anger, need and insecurity making everything about ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously. “How can I be present, focus on another, give you quality attention or energy when my emotions and problems are so consuming?” Then there are those individuals who go to the opposite extreme into self-denial, having poor or no boundaries and are unable to give from a clear and pure place, for the benefit of all parties concerned.

So working on ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to others, and the consciousness of the world as a whole, as well as it healing our own bodies, hearts, minds and souls.

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

REALITY: Who’s In Charge? The Pitfalls of Conscious Creation

With the season of holidays approaching, of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, i was struck with the metaphor they each represent in these challenging times we are facing on Planet Earth. There is Gratitude, Giving and Receiving and Goal Setting and Manifesting- perhaps not an accident that they are aligned as such in just a six week span.


I remember how many times my New Year’s resolutions repeated themselves, proclaiming that THIS was the year i’d have my perfect body, dream man, big income breakthrough and finally learn Spanish- and applied all the New Thought, ancient and metaphysical formulas to the task. Even after “The Secret” craze many of us found ourselves left in the dust of wishful thinking and pining hearts, and eventually having to confront the question,


“If the Universe is supporting my needs and desires and i’m doing all the right stuff to bring it in, what’s missing?! Who’s really in charge of this whole creation business? “

From someone who’s explored most of the major spiritual directions from growing up Catholic and becoming a born again Christian, converting to Mormonism, tripping and blissing with Ram Dass, dancing with the Sufis, playing with Osho, meditating with the Buddhists, praying with Religious Science, reading all the books, taking the seminars from EST to A Course In Miracles, i can say with some expertise that there isn’t exactly agreement on Creating Your Reality.

Christians preach that you’re a sinner and God is pissed at his creation, New Thought assures us there is only one God who lives IN you and its qualities are all good, Hindus say it’s noble to accept your lot in life from the deeds of past incarnations, Buddhists are not into wanting but one better not have an “aversion” to wanting either, Non-Dualism teachings comfort us with the notion that you already are and have everything so stop striving, Abraham’s channeled message is that the purpose of life is to experience joy and to master deliberate creation, and the ET/Ancient Civilization theorists claim we’ve been hopelessly hindered through DNA tampering from alien agendas! Oh, and by the way- they’re here as reptiles and discarnate spirits conspiring against us at every level of functioning on this Planet.

So how do we reconcile and integrate these divergent points of view and adopt a belief system which we are FULLY congruent with that will ENABLE us to manifest our fondest dreams, consistently? 

Trying the cookie cutter approach and quick fix formula works for some, but if these principles are the truth, they should work for all, including those suffering in third world countries with a lot bigger concerns than materializing that hot new sports car, or hot new babe. The fundamental clash in many of these paths and philosophies can be broken down into East/West cultural and religious orientations. The Abraham/Hicks approach of asking for and getting everything you want is a distinctively American packaging of what might be some ancient wisdom tools, while Buddhism rests more in the reality that “Life is suffering because of your attachments”, and one should work with the karmic conditions they find themselves in as lessons and gifts to evolve the soul. Hinduism certainly takes an even more fatalistic outlook on karma, with it being a negative reaction to past deeds that one has to make amends by.

In general the Eastern philosophies embrace surrender versus striving, while Tony Robbins is screaming from the mountain tops that we have the power to be, do and have it all. I don’t know about you, but i have found all this contradiction rather counterproductive to my mastering the Universe! And sometimes just to pay the bills every month!

 The problem i have with a lot of the self-help gurus and get rich channelers, is that it’s not being explored enough whether our intentions are coming from a place of Ego/Will/Personality (the gimme, gimme more self) or from an exalted, refined place of higher knowing and higher visioning. What i find missing from the conversation about this is just about everything else other than your CONSCIOUS mind and will, whereas my experience and training as a counselor, hypnotherapist and intuitive reader informs me that the SUB-conscious mind and soul really are the level of operation where most of this play of life is being written, directed and produced on- and they’re open for business 24/7.

To complicate matters more are those pesky “sub-personalities”, or inner aspects of our being, such as “Inner Child, the Victim, the Critic or the Rebel” or the Shadow aspect of our psyche. If these long residing inner parts don’t agree on your primary objectives, there will have to be a board meeting of sorts. They are so persistent in their split off myopic perspective that they’ll eventually express through chronic body pain and ailments, accidents and crises besides the usual dysfunctional patterns of all kinds. You know- those things you always end up saying or doing and regretting later and wonder how you let that happen or ended up in this place again. And we’ve all known (or been) that “drama queen” who seems to be addicted to a roller coaster of conflicts and calamities.

So knocking ourselves out with just journaling, list writing, repeating affirmations, and visualizations ONLY is effective if the rest of the gang are already fairly on board with your program proposal. And if they were already you probably wouldn’t have to knock yourself out to get what you wanted. There are some wonderful techniques i use from NLP and interactive hypnosis where you expose and integrate these parts to support you in your highest good, rather than fight against you.

 Wouldn’t that be nice for a change, after all this exhausting effort and expense to fix and improve yourself, to get your outer reality to reflect back the existence you want?

But instead, we often are left feeling frustrated, confused, doubting ourselves and God, recycling that insidious unworthiness, which leads to more blocking of our good, leading to more discouragement that we can’t have what we want, leading to…. you get the point. And we can always find some well intended New-Agers who will shame us into this low self-esteem by their well meaning cosmic analysis of our life challenges, who offer their simplistic, unsolicited solutions of “just trust more, surrender, you’re learning your lessons, don’t grieve and dwell on it, meditate more, pray more, tithe more!”, while our inner talk sinks into “I’m not enough, i didn’t do it right, what’s wrong with me that i can’t get it like everyone else, this stuff doesn’t work, and where the heck are my great Spirit Guides anyway?!”

Deeper work is being called for here. One needs to inquire, “What is it my Soul would have me learn by this infirmity or circumstance in my life? What is  wanting to let go of from me and who is it that I am being pulled to become?” So I think this is more the classic case of not asking the right questions and not using the right techniques rather than the ineffectiveness of the practitioner or the tools.

Out of the hundreds of readings and past life regressions i’ve done on people from all walks of life, the most common and prevalent theme is guilt from this lifetime, shame from previous ones, and a deep seated unworthiness, sometimes to the extent that we couldn’t accept and receive what we asked for if it came delivered in a dump truck!  WE are are own worst enemies and self-saboteurs. But how were we to know?

Well, if you want to know what your subconscious is up to, or what karma you are processing, just look at your life! What would someone have to believe to have created or attracted these circumstances? What unresolved wounds would cause particular patterns to keep showing up? What kind of self-talk do you catch yourself saying? What are the themes that keep repeating themselves in different clothes? So if you ever have doubted that you can create your reality, well now here’s the evidence. The goal then is to CONSCIOUSLY create it, which requires that we identify and remove the blocks and negative old programming that are usually below the surface. And forgive, forgive, forgive….. everyone, everything, every incarnation, and most of all- ourselves.

Another tricky deal with manifestation is that if we feel in lack or struggle in any area, especially money, FEAR is the greatest attractor of all, because that thought form is frequent, often going continually in the background, and it has the potency of strong emotion and memory behind it. And we can sure project into visualization all the ways our lives might find their demise when money is less than our financial demands, or if our bodies are failing us, or if we’re left alone with no one to love us, or if the world is coming to an end.


 Have you noticed how you get on a roll, when things are good and you’re in the flow, more good comes, and when it’s bad, it can get very bad, because we’re in that vibration and like attracts like?

A cruel paradox for the controlling mind who struggles to direct this unwieldy thing called the Self and our complex lives. So after unworthiness, fear is the next major hindrance to the creation game. It lowers our vibrational frequency and contracts our energy rather than expands us to be open to receive more, it signals the Universe that we aren’t trusting and believing that our manifestation work will get through to the boss, and it keeps us focused on what ISN’T working and what won’t work in the future… the lack again. So when you need money the MOST is often when it’s the hardest to call it in. How then do we get around this dilemma? It starts with Gratitude. Yes, i told you i’d get back to the beginning.

Gratitude has the same energetic quality as Abundance, which is the feeling and mental state we’re trying to achieve when we do these practices, and it’s hard to fake! But simply listing gratitudes every day shifts us into another space more conducive for this work, and allows us to surrender a bit more into what we have before requesting more and better. What you focus on expands. Even when the car breaks down, being thankful for the aid that was offered by strangers or the good sale found on the needed parts is a way to stay in the “zone”.

God works in mysterious ways, and examining our days for things to be grateful for shows us this in a new light.  It’s like how it’s hard to stay tense and constricted when you’re doing continual deep breathing. And when fears and anger arise from our ongoing struggles or longings, turn them over to Spirit to be healed rather than suppressing them further into the psyche, or fighting them as the enemy, which is just focusing on more of what we don’t want. Surrender it, turn it over to our Higher Power as the 12 Steps advises, and trust that the perfect solution is coming in the perfect time (and remind the Universe that you don’t necessarily need to be tested until the 11 o’clock hour!).

Giving and receiving is the fundamental essence of the life flow, the inhale and exhale. According to karmic law, as we give we are given to, but that does not necessarily mean we’ll be ready or willing to receive our blessings. That’s where the deeper investigation is required, and often is easier with someone who can guide you to identify the hidden blocks and contradictions, and assist with support and tools for clearing them and reprogramming the subconscious mind with more positive intentions and expectations.


As Einstein so aptly put it, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it”, so even if you’re very skilled at working on yourself, we can sometimes have blind spots and really get in our own way.


Many of the modalities i employ get very quickly to the root cause of issues, through my intuitive readings, energy assessments, past life analysis, muscle testing, pendulum dowsing, NLP and hypnosis. Then i combine the best of clearing techniques and energy medicine that i teach you to do for yourself with detailed written instructions. This empowers you to continue the healing and transforming on your own because it’s a lifelong process of peeling the onion of the past away, while being vigilant about not accumulating new stress and negative messages.


And lastly, yes we do have to take action. Wishing is not the same as intending. It’s not all just airy-fairy. Writing goals, reading them daily, journaling, repeating affirmations, makinng a vision collage, listening to positive lectures and meditations, following an action plan are all great and necessary, but, and it’s a HUGE but… if you have conscious, subconscious, or soul level wounds or beliefs about yourself, others, the world and life that are contrary, and that hidden soul shame i have found continually in clients (and myself), then you can do it all 8 hours a day without results!


More useful would be to repeat over and over, “I ALLOW myself to be healed and ALLOW the Universe to unconditionally love and support me.”


These shadow issues must be faced and resolved, for truly when we are in alignment and agreement with our innate innocence, goodness, beauty, harmony and value, and have profound unconditional love, acceptance and appreciation for ourselves, i doubt a thing i’ve spoken of is needed. You will already have arrived.

Stay tuned for my next blog topic on a more thorough discussion of Karma and past life therapy.

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

Why Reincarnation Matters

​In the 25 years I’ve been performing intuitive readings and past life hypnosis regressions,  it’s been ​revealed that some people have had hundreds if not thousands of other lives here and in far off places. ​W​ith a Universe that hol​ds​ billions of galaxies with billions of stars and planets in​ each, ​ it is very conceivable that not only other life forms similar to us exist but that we were them at one ​time, ​but I will speak more on that in another video. ​ Planet Earth itself ​is approximately 4.5 billion years old and forms of human like species have been found to be 2 million years old, and much older as they get more ape like, so chances are you’ve racked up a few lifetimes along the way.

W​hen I ask my client​s​ if they believe in reincarnation​,​ because I always respect people’s spiritual orientation when I work with them, some will say that they don’t ​DIS​believe ​it but​ they’ve never had any direct experience or proof of it.   ​There is actually a wealth of written material on the subject with many impressive case studies that the  most negative skeptic would find hard to refute. But at least  having an open mind is a good enough place to start because most of us grew up in a religious tradition or in a culture that did not include reincarnation; however it is a belief held by​ numerous major and minor religions and many Christians and agnostics​ around the world.

​The Bible wasn’t even fully compiled until decades after Jesus’s departure, taken much from oral recollections, and translated through four languages thus far. I​n fact​,​ ​there is evidence​ that there were many references ​about reincarnation removed ​from this latest version of the bible, and even entire books​, for the purpose of political power and control. ​ Most of this took place from the 300’s AD to the 500’s and as part of the Council of Nicea​, ​in order to maintain consistency and law and order ​in the Roman empire.  ​And let’s face it… the underlying tenets ​of​ reincarnation ​and karma ​do not lend themselves well​ to authority​ figures who want to dictate our truth and control the masses​,​ especially ​through ​fear and having any kind of financial compensation involved to the church.   Even with all the manipulation to eliminate the earlier Christian teachings, many references can still be found throughout the Bible on this topic and some of the removed books/gospels were found later in history​.  You can search all of this on the internet and Amazon for in-depth books on the subject.

​T​he central concept in r​ein​carnation is the theory of cause and effect​,​ meaning whatever one has done, said or even thought in one lifetime will produce an effect either ​in​ that current life​,​ the next one or the future, for the purpose of balancing out ones​ ​experiences or karma​, NOT as punishment, which is the primary control mechanism of many religions.

In the reincarnation model, one has played out the many roles of the human drama, being perpetrator and victim, overcoming great obstacles and mastering what it is to be fully human but also a spirit embodying a physical and material existence.  Being completely responsible and accountable for our own actions from lifetime to  lifetime and having to make amends and learn from them is the most effective path to enlightenment, and finally liberation from this cycle of repetition,  NOT an eternal hell of torture and punishment where no one can benefit.

​S​o how can knowing about your other lives and your soul’s journey and agreements help you in your reality today?  

Well, you may have noticed you have certain self-defeating patterns that you keep repeating or there are underlying causes for you not being able to manifest what you want and  no matter how much therapy or inner work you’ve done, you haven’t been able to fully uncover that root.  It can dramatically help with overcoming chronic health issues, pain and phobias or just generalized anxiety and depression.

Have you ever felt his uncanny connection with a certain individual, even if it’s unhealthy, or just have a certain knowing that your path was somewhat predetermined and there is a purpose that you were supposed to align with to feel really full filled and complete in this lifetime.

The place I start when I’m working with someone on ANY issues is: doing a very unique, precise, detailed intuitive reading which includes a soul profile, describing what your primary soul objective and contracts were when you came in, what it is now and what is the primary wound on a subconscious level that you’re still working on.  I find out how much you’re allowing the universe to love and support you, how much you have loved and forgiving yourself and others for all things present and past, exactly how many lives you’ve had here and other places, how many have been male, female, etc and really anything you want to ask specifically about you or people that are in your current existence.

What this gives you in essence is a mission statement for your life,  just like a business or an organisation has, and you know what your primary objective is for being here this time so then everything that’s happened to you from the time you were in the womb to this moment is in support of that- no matter how bad, how difficult, how ugly it appears, no matter how much you have felt like a victim or off the track, it has all been leading you and redirecting you to this primary soul contract and agreement and all the things related to it… and wouldn’t that be great and exciting to know?!

An example for me is that after I felt neglected and abandoned by all of my family members and then I became a big sister volunteer for 4 different girls over the span of 20 years. They each basically dumped me when they became adolescents and no longer seemed to need or appreciate me, after I had done way beyond the typical big sister role.  So when I asked Spirit, ” What’s the deal–this doesn’t seem fair!  I can’t even have my own children and then I try to help kids I don’t even know and I don’t get anything back! ”  What I was told was that each one of these was a child of mine in a former life and I had committed to completing my obligations with them as a parent which I couldn’t or was not willing to do when I was there as a biological mother or father, and my agreement was to do it selflessly without expecting anything in return- and while it was always a lot of fun in the moment, that’s exactly how it ended.  When I learned that, I completely let go and found total peace about it, as well as understanding my past reasons for deciding ahead of time not to be able to bear children of my own or to have a lifelong mate, which I also then released the grief of.

The most common wound I find holding people back, including myself, is what I call soul shame – it’s a deep sense of regret and unworthiness which are not allowing the good to come to us that we yearn for and ask for because we don’t feel worthy. We’re held hostage by of our past feelings of how we harmed others or denied God, even if we had some very righteous incarnations in between, and traditional religions have helped shape that self-defeating attitude.

 So one of the main things I offer is a complete  processes for forgiving oneself and forgiving others through all the lifetimes.  When we can be kind and loving to our selves it is so much easier to have the empathy, compassion and deep understanding to forgive others. On the lighter side, you might use this soul integration process, as I call it, to deepen your connection to Spirit, to access past talents and knowledge, to get more in touch with your true path, your true calling in life and really maximize that so you can have the greatest gratification while contributing the most possible to the world.

Initially I came to research reincarnation ​because it was the only explanation  that made sense of this crazy​,​ chaotic​,​ complicated world.  After growing up with alcoholism, mental illness and incest in my family, when I was just 18 years old I starting college and was trained as a mental health technician with severely physically and mentally disabled children. Some even died at an extremely young age.​  I was so troubled by their struggle and the suffering of their parents that I ​was driven​ to find answers as to what kind of God would assign a soul randomly to this one miserable lifetime, where others had intelligence​,​ beauty​,​ riches ​, ​security and all the opportunities life could offer.

​I have found it to be extremely healing in my own recovery process from​ childhood abuse and chronic pain for many years, so it has evolved into one of​ the​ specialties ​in ​my work though I never set out with that intention. ​ After I’d done ALL kinds of emotional and physical therapeutic modalities to deal with the incest of my adopted father and sadistic abuse as a newborn by my very sick biological father​​,  I had to find a reason beyond the New Age doctrines of “you create your own reality by your thoughts, etc.”, since I didn’t even HAVE any thoughts or experiences yet! Obviously the cause of this earliest violation had to come BEFORE i was even born, which led me to detailed insights from hypnosis regressions and psychic and energy readings, that the toxic relationship with my father had been going on for LIFETIMES, and this time was set up as a divine initiation into a higher spiritual existence through exercising extraordinary surrender to Spirit, forgiveness and ultimately transcendence. The truth was we’d been trying to destroy each other for millenia and my discovering this shifted in into a entirely different perspective where I could choose to stop the madness by how I dealt with it, which freed us both.

​So I’ve come to name the process I offer as SOUL  INTEGRATION, which is more of a therapeutic process that has practical value in your reality today, and not just a bunch of interesting stories.  I developed this because I found it ​hugely missing in the psychological and healing ​arena​ and many other spiritual disciplines that are taught​,​ even though the individuals involved with these often believe in reincarnation themselves. ​  W​ith a psychology degree myself, and decades of working in mental health, I certainly don’t deny that our childhood and early influences such as​ culture​, religion,​ education and our peers are the components ​which ​molded​ our values and personalities​ and created the ​many​ problems ​and neuroses we deal with​ as adults​, but ​what I’ve discovered​ is that we ​CHOSE​ those families and all those experiences on some level, to​ some degree even before we came in​, for a particular purpose and lesson.  So ​that means ​we had the dysfunctional upbringing because of past life experiences and decisions!

A joke I like to say is that you’re not messed up because of your childhood… your childhood got messed up because of your previous childhood!​ If we really want to be liberated, we must go the deepest root of where a cause is still acting out in our lives.

​When you examine your own life how long has it taken you perhaps to learn forgiveness or unconditional love, acceptance of yourself and self-esteem, how to not judge others​, ​to be able to let go of a broken heart and tra​u​mas of the past?  The human species has to learn how to navigate through and master intense emotions, and the unique challenges that come with being a man or woman, particular race or culture, and perhaps with physical mental or emotional deficits to overcome. ​A​nd then there are the universal themes of being alive such as survival, power, ​money, ​creativity, love, compassion and ultimately altruism and service to the world, as well as caring for our precious home mother earth (aligns with the chakra system). That’s a tall order for a single lifetime, one that may even be very brief.​

​ ​I​t seems the ultimate test here is how we will balance materialism and attachment to possessions, people and whatever particular lusts we pursue… with developing a purity of heart, a higher consciousness of mind and ​a​ trust and faith in a cosmic divine order and purpose to creation.  ​N​ot to mention ​all the time it takes to ​learn communication, ​ math, how to play music​,​ create magnificent art, surf, mak​e​ love, build cities and civilizations, ​successfully​ cohabitate with nature and conquer technology. ​HECK​ of a list for a short few years on earth in a single lifetime​!

More evidence for reincarnation is in looking at the enormous inequality in the world between individuals- the outstanding, extraordinary composers, artists and child prodigies and geniuses in certain fields who  seem to have an accumulated amount of a knowledge and talent that transcend the average and normal human capacity. And on the darkest side of the human experience is the sometimes unspeakable abuse and evil that humans have perpetrated against each other  such as in the Holocaust or the Inquisition or any oppressive governmental regime of today.

I personally am assured and comforted by knowing there is a system for monitoring these disparities and balancing the injustices of this world, and that all souls have the opportunity to recover and redeem themselves as they evolve.

I would love to share thoughts and experiences about this subject with you further or help you to explore your own long journey around this great universe. Please read more of my website for additional information about these topics and some of the best books I recommend are the timeless classics of Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist who started writing on this back in when nobody else was, and my favorite book on the subject that has a different angle but will give you tremendous insight about the afterlife and what happens between lifetime are two separate titles by Michael Newton.

As a PhD psychologist who became a hypnotherapist and wasn’t sure he even believed in reincarnation, he discovered more and more patients going into past life memories to deal with traumas, phobias and emotions that were plaguing them. He became a complete convert to this subject and gave up his psychotherapy practice to become a pioneer in the field, to develop a very specific technique of deep hypnosis where he took people for a few hours through a session where they explored the space between lifetimes.  He gathered hundreds of recordings and transcripts on very consistent repetitive reports of every aspect of afterlife and reincarnation that you can imagine. The book number one is called Journey of Souls and book number two is Destiny of Souls, and should be read in order. You can find them very cheap on Amazon used and they are an extremely fascinating and uplifting read!

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

Being Grounded Is A Prerequisite

Being grounded in your body is essential but one of the most problematic areas I find when doing an energy assessment on clients.  This article will explain why that’s the first place you need to work on to bring yourself into full functioning and well-being, and how you can achieve that quickly and consistently.

When I do an energy assessment, which is at the beginning of most of my sessions regardless of what they’re going to consist of, what I find most commonly in the people who come to me is that they are ungrounded, not in their bodies and have weak to no boundaries.  They are the same people who often present symptoms like being unfocused, overwhelmed, tired, confused, experiencing ADHD, depression, agitation or anxiety. Many of the common symptoms that seem to be an epidemic today could be alleviated to some degree by simple daily energy maintenance routine of which I have instructional videos of on YouTube.

To start with, let’s define what exactly it means to be ungrounded.  Well as the word suggests, if you were grounded you would be have your energy fully present in your body and connected to the ground upon which you live.  But rather how often do we hear ourselves or others say that we feel scattered spaced out, uncentered, we can’t get it together, we can’t concentrate,  we can’t follow through?  Sometimes we feel so drained or overwhelmed we can’t even get the motivation to do anything about those self destructive symptoms.

But the most important of all to me is that we should be grounded because that simply means that we are present…  because as the saying goes when there is a contest, which life is in a way- “you have to be present to win”.

And if you’re not home in that body- guess what? There are thousands of entities flying around the astral plane who have died and not crossed over into the Light who would be glad to be a squatter on your premises, wreaking  even further havoc on your emotional, mental and physical health.   Even worse, in more rare cases,  maybe even other dimensional spirits or ET’s,  but I will discuss that in more depth in another blog and video.  However, if you have no awareness of this common astral phenomenon, that your malaise could be from spirit attachment or from  metaphysical or energetic causes, you could be going down that road of doctor and psychiatrist diagnoses and medications,  which I know intimately from being a social worker and nurse for decades.

I do want to point out that for some people being ungrounded is just a temporary passing state because they’re legitimately tired, overwhelmed with work or responsibilities or stressed somehow; or someone becomes anxious about a job interview, an exam or performance. Even that all too common annoyance of  just rushing around because we’re late for something really important and we misplaced our car keys can cause a biochemical change or parts of our brain to lock up, or we simply “check out”, when what we need to be doing is finding those car keys we lost!

Having our spirit and vital life force leave our bodies is simply a way of way of coping, and not confronting unpleasant or unsafe feelings or situations, often automatic like our autonomic nervous system and the whole flight or fight syndrome.

Another cause of being frequently ungrounded is having weak or no auric boundaries so that one is bombarded with the energy and emotions of other people and the unprecedented amount of electromagnetic pollution and interference we are confronted with in our modern lifestyle.  Some folks are plugged in most of the time, and then sit in cars and homes filled with electrical equipment and wiring.  One of the worst things you can do is walk around with a bluetooth for your phone hooked up to the side of your brain for hours! If you doubt it, get muscle tested by someone while it’s on and off your body- same outcome if you stand in front of the microwave while it’s operating or hold your cell phone. Your arm and system will weaken immediately as if you put a cup of sugar in your mouth and tested that!

Part of our obsession with modern conveniences and technology is that it keeps us away from the natural world, and especially young people these days. You should make the effort to get in contact with nature EVERY day- your yard, a park or trail, a beach or lake, a garden or forest. Hug a tree, sit on a sand dune and wiggle your toes in the  grass.  Snow is nature too! You can’t take your shoes off in it though, which is ideal for maximum therapeutic benefit.

But the cases I’m concerned more about are the chronic ones who have this as their m.o. – mode of operation – and sometimes they have become so used to it because that  it is more the norm than the exception.  They have become accustomed to this level of dissociation, dysfunction or inefficiency so they don’t even recognize that they are off and that it needs to be corrected…  these are the times when you may need to call a professional or someone you’ve been working with because you’re so low you need a jump start to even  be able to help yourself, or you are in crisis mode.

When we  get into the habit of doing daily energy and spiritual practices and then we are confronted with a huge challenge or potential crisis, we can much more readily get back to an equilibrium because we already know how to do it from repeated use and we never get so low anymore from where we have to bring ourselves back up  to a healthy baseline.  You know the old saying: “A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure”.

Okay- so some quick tips on how to fix this.  Remember though, if you are chronically inclined towards feeling  ungrounded the majority of the time, it really behooves you to find out the underlying cause so that you don’t have to even think about this, because there are plenty of people who go through life without ever imagining a tree trunk going down into the earth from their spine, you know? And they’re just fine!

Here are some general exercises that are universally used for grounding type purposes:

Always starting with the breath,  slowing it down and deepening it,  and kind of breathing  yourself back home through the top of your head which is generally where your energy escapes. There are many specific breathing techniques that accomplish different things which I can determine for your specific needs after a i do an assessment of your energy system.

Beginning with a general relaxation routine is helpful too. If you’re a very physically tense person, of course doing any kind of yoga or guided relaxation meditations or exercises will get you more centered and calm, and even martial arts of the slower variety like Tai Chi.

If you’re a visual type, meaning that you see things visually in your imagination and you can do guided imagery well and you dream vividly, then you can focus on exercises that incorporate that aspect more, such as seeing yourself as your favorite tree and the roots and the truck going deep into the earth, etcetera. Many meditations will refer to sending a grounding cord, a roper, a cable or anything that  works for you, down into the center of the Earth and wrapping it around something and breathing into it.

If you’re an auditory type that you like affirmations and prayer and using your words to set intention, certainly apply a lot of that and direct energy where you wanted to go verbally.

If you are more dominant in feeling and touch, you’ll be especially responsive to actual energy practices such as tapping EFT points and using some of Donna Eden’s energy medicine and energy psychology, also brain gym exercises , and I have demo videos on YouTube on all of those.

As far as meditation itself,  I would really discourage  following the temptation to go for the meditations where you getting out of your body more and you want to trip around in the higher dimensions, see colors, psychedelic symbols and meanings of higher powers.. there are practices that can actually be dangerous for you and just take you into territory that you’re not clear enough to navigate and you won’t be able to get grounded at all it when you come back. It’s like not being able to come down from an acid trip! I’ve had numerous clients come to me after ending up in the emergency room or psyche ward when they had an overwhelming paranormal experience or kundalini release too quickly. Hallucinations, voices, body perception distortions all without drugs! Not as sexy as it sounds, when your family commits you because they fear you’re having a breakdown.

I highly recommend a more Buddhist mindfulness approach and you can find a lot of information online about Buddhist meditation, specifically the Insight, Mindfulness or Vipassana technique.  After you’ve mastered that, then you can go trippin around the universe as an explorer, but learn how to be here first!

My original spiritual teacher Ram Dass, back in the early 70′ s, wrote the classic, groundbreaking book for generations to come, elegantly titled, “Be Here Now”. Still timeless advice…

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

Healthy Aura & Boundaries Will Save You!

This post and video are kind of a part 2 that comes after the post and video about being grounded in your body, and this talk will emphasize more the concept of having energetic boundaries as well as psychological boundaries.  Do read the post and listen to the video on “grounding” first because that’s where it begins.

Obviously if you’re not even present in your own body you can’t exactly own your energy and power and expand your aura to have strong energetic boundaries to keep out human and non-human negative energies, as well as the EMF’s electromagnetic field pollution from all the electronics we’re surrounded with and have attached to our bodies… and you know who I’m talking about.

When I perform an initial very detailed and comprehensive energy assessment  before any of my sessions, regardless of what kind of work we’re doing, the most common thing I find is that my clients are ungrounded and have zero to no boundaries, and I evaluate that in two different ways.

First is the actual aura surrounding the body emanating from the chakras and the meridians etc. I’m sure you’ve all heard of and aura and I’m not going to go into great scientific detail about what that is here and it is addressed and some of the other energy routines on my YouTube videos.

But for practical purposes, what’s important to know is if that the aura  contains and stores a lot of energy from you and from the outside world including all of your thoughts and emotions and other peoples if you’re particularly sensitive.  It even can absorb  the collective unconscious psyche of the whole planet and imagine out of 7 billion people how much anger, sadness, fear  and angst are flying around the atmosphere for your antenna to tune in to.  It’s like we’re walking around with a big satellite dish attached to us, and we are broadcasting our inner energy from it as well.

A healthy aura can extend 7 feet in every direction because some people can actually see these and measure them, and we have instruments that will do the same and even a dowsing rod will open when you get to the  edge of someone’s aura.   So anytime you’re just standing there taking up space on the planet you could be overlapping and mingling with someone else’s energy field directly, and you certainly are with the people you come in contact with daily including on the job, in your everyday activities, and with family and friends.

So many clients report to me how drained they feel by other people’s energy and this is totally unnecessary.  You just have to learn how to fortify and use the aura as  your energetic shield which is partly what it’s there for, as a filter between you and the world, especially if you consider yourself to be  very open and  intuitive.   Unfortunately, many of my clients, and especially young people who are naturally endowed with psychic and healing abilities, feel so bombarded with external forces coming at them that they can’t control,  they shy away from or completely relinquish utilizing these abilities.  

Also, if you’re sitting in front of computer much of the day and hooked up to cell phones and musical devices and riding in cars and going home to your house filled with electrical appliances and wiring etc, that is another insult to the sensitive subtle bodies and systems of the energy anatomy.

Another big reason people feel drained by the energy of others is because of how they psychologically perceive their role in perspective to someone else.   If you are someone who has a hard time saying no, stays longer than you want to listening to people’s problems and negative talk, who takes on more obligations than you’re comfortable with, who does things or behaves in  ways to get love and approval from others – if you often put others needs before your own  or don’t even know how to express what you want or need, or feel unsafe or unworthy to…then  these are obviously much deeper issues that need to be addressed more systemically than merely a bandaid, symptomatic relief from doing energy exercises.   However, they still will keep you afloat until you resolve the core underlying beliefs that cause you to be codependent and an enabler.

I have many methods for accessing those conscious and unconscious beliefs and healing them at their source, and I would love to help you with that if that is a challenge for you.  Just as with being grounded in your body, once the underlying issues are resolved, the system will automatically start to reflect that more and will not require ongoing effort to maintain a healthy state.   Then you can just utilize the tools you have to give yourself an extra boost when you’re going into a heavily loaded emotional encounter, being around toxic or chaotic people, entering a hospital, nursing home or prison and  those kinds of extreme environments and circumstances. I use it frequently with all of the homeless people we have in San Diego who are often  mentally ill, intoxicated or sick,  with nasty negative entities attached to them.  I don’t have to avoid contact or turn my gaze away- I can even speak to them and give them the human dignity and compassion they deserve while all the time I am breathing out and expanding my aura to be rock hard. When I haven’t done this around those kinds of people, I found some astral hitchhikers when I get home and I have to then orchestrate a process to send them into the light.

 A special warning for those who drink or do drugs or someone you know.  You are making yourself very vulnerable to all manner of troublesome attachments because your  aura has become very weak and porous and you are vacating your body to some extent.   Years ago I had a very clairvoyant friend I used to go out dancing with in bars, though we never drank, and she could see astral entities lining the ceilings waiting for someone to go home with, so the next time you might be thinking of doing that and finding a “hookup”, remember that image! These entities can feed off of addictive substances and addictive behavior, because they might have been addicted themselves before dying, and they are living vicariously through your energy and sensations. I get into this in much more depth and detail on another YouTube video on channeling, spirit guides and astral entities.

So honor this sacred vessel you were given,  and as it was said so well in Star Wars,  “May the Force be with you!”

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

Channeling Spirit Guides & Angels, or WHAT?!

Channeling is one way of doing a psychic or intuitive reading or receiving spiritual guidance verbally or through writing from Divine Guides and Angels, or your Higher Self.

There are two basic types of channeling -conscious and trance. Trance is like it sounds- the person goes into a meditation and a quick trance state to have the entity fully embody the physical container, taking over their voice, gestures and body movements (adds to the entertainment value!).  The channeler is usually not conscious of the message or even cognizant of it later unless it was recorded or dictated.  They do private sessions or speak to small and sometimes very large audiences.

One can also be a completely awake conscious channel, such as myself, who much more casually and conversationally expresses what the download is that’s going on inside their head that is separate from their own thought process, where you learn how to just slightly get out of the way enough to be objective and non filtering, but you can still cohabitate. This includes “automatic writing”.

Even in the Biblical books, one could describe the many messages received as divine revelation or through Angels as a form of channeling.  The modern version is a potpourri of characters interacting with humans, from universal teachers such as Jesus or Mother Mary to lesser known holy persons from different traditions.  It can be a Being or a group who profess to come from another planet or another dimension, or persons from a past life of that channeler’s particular lineage of spiritual teachers, such as Native American, Shamanic, Wiccan or an Egyptian Priestess.

Channeling has been a hot topic for decades, starting with ​the Seth material in the 60’s, the Course in Miracles of the 70’s, and popularized by ​Ramtha in the 80’s to the worldwide success of the Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch and the products and books by Esther Hicks who channels the Abraham group.

The assumption is that these channeled Beings are taking the trouble to lower their frequency to intermingle with our vibrations in order to impart a message to humanity about healing ourselves and the planet, and to guide us in our individual and collective spiritual evolution.  And clearly we are in dire need of some help here, so people are often very receptive and sometimes even desperate, being gullible and easily impressed, not using discernment and wisdom, and in some cases not even common sense.

So there are many potential hazards in following the teachings of these public entities without really scrutinizing the message and the ego and particular biases and motivation of the channeler.  After all, this is an enormous  money making industry now, and even those who were the “chosen ones” to be the recipients of entire bodies of teachings, have sometimes fallen prey to their own agendas and the power, fame and wealth that accompany this role.

So what are some guidelines to follow to find an authentic and safe source of channeling? My prescription is essentially the same as how to find a valid and beneficial psychic:

  • Is it empowering, or are fear tactics used?
  • Is it practical and useful information?
  • Or just a lot of doomsday prophecies or a bunch of fluff?
  • Do the entity or channeler claim to be the ONLY source of truth?
  • Do they bring the best out of you and help you access the truth within?
  • Do they want to isolate you from other people and teachings? (think cult!)
  • Do they charge you a fortune for presentations and seminars?
  • If they do future predictions, how accurate is their track record?

For me personally, if the central theme of a channeled teaching is all that I “want to hear”… like there is no karma, that life and health are always grand if you just think positive thoughts and our only reason for being here is to be happy, we can have everything we want, etc, etc… I would question how valid that really is and if that deeply resonates with your core values and sense about the meaning of existence as well as some of the ancient and time tested spiritual traditions throughout history, such as the tenets of Buddhism or the purest teachings of Christ.

While some of these modern day channeled philosophies are comforting to the ego and the human personality, that is a major reason why I wouldn’t trust one, because my experience and understanding of the spiritual path is that it is to challenge of us to break OUT of our comfort zone, to stretch beyond our limits, to surrender the ego and to transcend the attachments to the lower world and our material and relationship obsessions.  Maybe it’s just me… and I certainly could be wrong, but my guess is if what we came here for was to be just be happy and to have everything we wanted, we could have just stayed where we were in the spirit world and not bothered with this big mess of sentient life on Planet Earth!  Especially lifetime after lifetime, hundreds and thousands for some souls.

All this confusion of varying approaches and opinions can lead people to wanting to discover their OWN divine communication through connecting to their personal spirit guides and angels or interacting with their soul in a more direct, tangible way.  I applaud this and teach people how to do that, with one caveat…                                     you must be ready!

So what is the process to that?  This is like many fields of endeavor that you want to master- it takes acquiring the fundamentals, preparing yourself continually and practice, practice, until you become that accomplished musician or athlete.  Channeling should never be taken lightly or it will cost you more hassle and heartache then it’s worth.

First of all, you must consistently keep the “instrument” tuned and purified, which is your energy system consisting of chakras, meridians, aura, your nervous system and brain. YOU are the vehicle through which this transmission has to pass to be deciphered and interpreted, and the higher you can get your own vibration, the more readily you will be able to commune with higher frequency communications.  Prepare for a session ritualistically and in a very prayerful and sacred manner, stating your intention, requesting divine protection and establishing sacred space, being profoundly grateful for this privilege and opportunity.  We now know that we can have direct experience of God and Universal knowledge and healing without a self appointed authority figure of the church or establishment, and we’re not going to be burned at the stake for it!

One of the hardest thing to do is channel for yourself, for obvious reasons- because you have an investment in the outcome of your questions, and you are biased and opinionated about your own life, whereas a professional can hopefully put that totally aside, and have the ability and experience to discern when there is interference or misinterpretation.  After I took my first workshop in automatic writing that came through me very abundantly and effortlessly in 1980, I only did that for myself for a year in my journal before I would even consider doing it for a friend and I only did it in the same written format- not a verbal expression.  Initially, I had a phase of going through what I call the beginner’s guides, which is easier to access at the lower dimensions, and sometimes it might even be deceased relatives, people from past lives or just entities on the astral plane who have died and not crossed over into the light.

The biggest thing to remember about this is:
Just because someone doesn’t have a body
doesn’t mean you should listen to them!!!

That’s like believing a Ouija board is enlightened advice!  These astral entities or ghosts are bored to death (pun intended!) and often miserable, can be mischievous or even devious, and they are just looking for a host to feed off of, to live through and to be entertained by… So once you open those portals and ask for it to come in, you are leaving yourself wide open to a whole cosmos of forces that may not be to your benefit.  Even if they’re completely benign, and occasionally have pearls of wisdom and common sense or compassion, this is not something you should base decisions on or construct your view of reality on. To really get into the higher echelons of guides, you need to be worthy of that level of relationship, and pure of heart.

As you progress in your development, new guides may present themselves or you can request specific mentors and healers that have different specialties.  I would put them through a trial period which they will respect you for.  Always challenge their identity if you have any uneasy sense at any given time because any entity can pose as an imposter professing they are Buddha himself!  Get familiar with what your guide’s energy feels like so that you can sense when it’s off.  Start with smaller and easier questions, keeping a written journal of your interactions, tracking outcomes and having a record of what kind of accuracy you maintain overtime.  When advise really goes against what feels right to you and your own gut, seek further clarity, through the channeled source, another psychic or channeler, or use a pendulum to check your work.  And of course, it should always have the trademark of being life affirming without doing harm to you or anyone else.

It is a delicate and complex dance between the ability, the compassion and the particular talents of your guides and angels combined with your self as an instrument and how you also interpret the words, symbols, energy and sensations coming through you, and apply it to the context of your subject matter.  They have your intellect, vocabulary, life experiences and values to work through.  Even the structuring of your inquiries, such as time frames indicated and specific words like “how” versus “what” will put a little different spin on it.

It is VERY helpful as a beginner to have some other dowsing or divination tools such as Tarot cards, the Rhunes stones or a pendulum with charts.  Then you have a double safety system and a visual comparison and as in the case with Tarot, it is very difficult to manipulate consciously in a certain direction.

From decades of doing intuitive readings and channeling I have learned that everyone has their own divine healing team, usually including a guardian angel and one or two primary other guides, and then ones that come and go throughout your life time as relevant for your development and needs of that period. They are eager and willing to help us but we do have to ask and give permission because we have free will, and we must prepare ourselves properly to do it responsibly and safely.

Having a teacher or mentor in this department is invaluable and I do offer classes and individual instruction and written handouts on automatic writing, dowsing with a pendulum and channeling.  I also can do an intuitive reading for you on this subject to assess how ready you are, how your energy system is functioning and what needs to be cleared, even from past incarnations. 

The two most common blocks I’ve found in clients and students during intuitive readings or a past life hypnosis regression is a deep sense of soul guilt and shame, leading to subconscious feelings of UNworthiness and limiting beliefs due to trauma they experienced in another life from practicing in professions as a midwife, herbalist, healer or witch, and being ostracized or persecuted and killed for that.  So, obviously that can leave a bit of a subconscious fear and hesitation which for the most part, is not a rational concern in our modern times in America. There is the reality, though, that channeling CAN lead to losing credibility with colleagues, friends and family, which can be alienating in it’s own way.  But you will also attract NEW relationships that will be part of your growing spiritual community.

Channeling has been an incredible gift that has saved my life so many times, providing an endless source of unconditional love and comfort, instruction, protection and validation, that I can’t imagine existing without it or doing my work with clients without it.  It is that direct link to my soul and spiritual knowledge and the universal wisdom we all remember at the depth of our being, the higher realms we yearn to return home to.  I believe when we fully integrate our soul into our physical bodies, personality and intellectual structures then we will have completed our curriculum and be ready to do just that. Until then, we all get by with a little help from our “friends”, and at this pivotal time in history, that is so welcomed and appreciated.

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.