Channeling Spirit Guides & Angels, or WHAT?!

Channeling is one way of doing a psychic or intuitive reading or receiving spiritual guidance verbally or through writing from Divine Guides and Angels, or your Higher Self.

There are two basic types of channeling -conscious and trance. Trance is like it sounds- the person goes into a meditation and a quick trance state to have the entity fully embody the physical container, taking over their voice, gestures and body movements (adds to the entertainment value!).  The channeler is usually not conscious of the message or even cognizant of it later unless it was recorded or dictated.  They do private sessions or speak to small and sometimes very large audiences.

One can also be a completely awake conscious channel, such as myself, who much more casually and conversationally expresses what the download is that’s going on inside their head that is separate from their own thought process, where you learn how to just slightly get out of the way enough to be objective and non filtering, but you can still cohabitate. This includes “automatic writing”.

Even in the Biblical books, one could describe the many messages received as divine revelation or through Angels as a form of channeling.  The modern version is a potpourri of characters interacting with humans, from universal teachers such as Jesus or Mother Mary to lesser known holy persons from different traditions.  It can be a Being or a group who profess to come from another planet or another dimension, or persons from a past life of that channeler’s particular lineage of spiritual teachers, such as Native American, Shamanic, Wiccan or an Egyptian Priestess.

Channeling has been a hot topic for decades, starting with ​the Seth material in the 60’s, the Course in Miracles of the 70’s, and popularized by ​Ramtha in the 80’s to the worldwide success of the Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch and the products and books by Esther Hicks who channels the Abraham group.

The assumption is that these channeled Beings are taking the trouble to lower their frequency to intermingle with our vibrations in order to impart a message to humanity about healing ourselves and the planet, and to guide us in our individual and collective spiritual evolution.  And clearly we are in dire need of some help here, so people are often very receptive and sometimes even desperate, being gullible and easily impressed, not using discernment and wisdom, and in some cases not even common sense.

So there are many potential hazards in following the teachings of these public entities without really scrutinizing the message and the ego and particular biases and motivation of the channeler.  After all, this is an enormous  money making industry now, and even those who were the “chosen ones” to be the recipients of entire bodies of teachings, have sometimes fallen prey to their own agendas and the power, fame and wealth that accompany this role.

So what are some guidelines to follow to find an authentic and safe source of channeling? My prescription is essentially the same as how to find a valid and beneficial psychic:

  • Is it empowering, or are fear tactics used?
  • Is it practical and useful information?
  • Or just a lot of doomsday prophecies or a bunch of fluff?
  • Do the entity or channeler claim to be the ONLY source of truth?
  • Do they bring the best out of you and help you access the truth within?
  • Do they want to isolate you from other people and teachings? (think cult!)
  • Do they charge you a fortune for presentations and seminars?
  • If they do future predictions, how accurate is their track record?

For me personally, if the central theme of a channeled teaching is all that I “want to hear”… like there is no karma, that life and health are always grand if you just think positive thoughts and our only reason for being here is to be happy, we can have everything we want, etc, etc… I would question how valid that really is and if that deeply resonates with your core values and sense about the meaning of existence as well as some of the ancient and time tested spiritual traditions throughout history, such as the tenets of Buddhism or the purest teachings of Christ.

While some of these modern day channeled philosophies are comforting to the ego and the human personality, that is a major reason why I wouldn’t trust one, because my experience and understanding of the spiritual path is that it is to challenge of us to break OUT of our comfort zone, to stretch beyond our limits, to surrender the ego and to transcend the attachments to the lower world and our material and relationship obsessions.  Maybe it’s just me… and I certainly could be wrong, but my guess is if what we came here for was to be just be happy and to have everything we wanted, we could have just stayed where we were in the spirit world and not bothered with this big mess of sentient life on Planet Earth!  Especially lifetime after lifetime, hundreds and thousands for some souls.

All this confusion of varying approaches and opinions can lead people to wanting to discover their OWN divine communication through connecting to their personal spirit guides and angels or interacting with their soul in a more direct, tangible way.  I applaud this and teach people how to do that, with one caveat…                                     you must be ready!

So what is the process to that?  This is like many fields of endeavor that you want to master- it takes acquiring the fundamentals, preparing yourself continually and practice, practice, until you become that accomplished musician or athlete.  Channeling should never be taken lightly or it will cost you more hassle and heartache then it’s worth.

First of all, you must consistently keep the “instrument” tuned and purified, which is your energy system consisting of chakras, meridians, aura, your nervous system and brain. YOU are the vehicle through which this transmission has to pass to be deciphered and interpreted, and the higher you can get your own vibration, the more readily you will be able to commune with higher frequency communications.  Prepare for a session ritualistically and in a very prayerful and sacred manner, stating your intention, requesting divine protection and establishing sacred space, being profoundly grateful for this privilege and opportunity.  We now know that we can have direct experience of God and Universal knowledge and healing without a self appointed authority figure of the church or establishment, and we’re not going to be burned at the stake for it!

One of the hardest thing to do is channel for yourself, for obvious reasons- because you have an investment in the outcome of your questions, and you are biased and opinionated about your own life, whereas a professional can hopefully put that totally aside, and have the ability and experience to discern when there is interference or misinterpretation.  After I took my first workshop in automatic writing that came through me very abundantly and effortlessly in 1980, I only did that for myself for a year in my journal before I would even consider doing it for a friend and I only did it in the same written format- not a verbal expression.  Initially, I had a phase of going through what I call the beginner’s guides, which is easier to access at the lower dimensions, and sometimes it might even be deceased relatives, people from past lives or just entities on the astral plane who have died and not crossed over into the light.

The biggest thing to remember about this is:
Just because someone doesn’t have a body
doesn’t mean you should listen to them!!!

That’s like believing a Ouija board is enlightened advice!  These astral entities or ghosts are bored to death (pun intended!) and often miserable, can be mischievous or even devious, and they are just looking for a host to feed off of, to live through and to be entertained by… So once you open those portals and ask for it to come in, you are leaving yourself wide open to a whole cosmos of forces that may not be to your benefit.  Even if they’re completely benign, and occasionally have pearls of wisdom and common sense or compassion, this is not something you should base decisions on or construct your view of reality on. To really get into the higher echelons of guides, you need to be worthy of that level of relationship, and pure of heart.

As you progress in your development, new guides may present themselves or you can request specific mentors and healers that have different specialties.  I would put them through a trial period which they will respect you for.  Always challenge their identity if you have any uneasy sense at any given time because any entity can pose as an imposter professing they are Buddha himself!  Get familiar with what your guide’s energy feels like so that you can sense when it’s off.  Start with smaller and easier questions, keeping a written journal of your interactions, tracking outcomes and having a record of what kind of accuracy you maintain overtime.  When advise really goes against what feels right to you and your own gut, seek further clarity, through the channeled source, another psychic or channeler, or use a pendulum to check your work.  And of course, it should always have the trademark of being life affirming without doing harm to you or anyone else.

It is a delicate and complex dance between the ability, the compassion and the particular talents of your guides and angels combined with your self as an instrument and how you also interpret the words, symbols, energy and sensations coming through you, and apply it to the context of your subject matter.  They have your intellect, vocabulary, life experiences and values to work through.  Even the structuring of your inquiries, such as time frames indicated and specific words like “how” versus “what” will put a little different spin on it.

It is VERY helpful as a beginner to have some other dowsing or divination tools such as Tarot cards, the Rhunes stones or a pendulum with charts.  Then you have a double safety system and a visual comparison and as in the case with Tarot, it is very difficult to manipulate consciously in a certain direction.

From decades of doing intuitive readings and channeling I have learned that everyone has their own divine healing team, usually including a guardian angel and one or two primary other guides, and then ones that come and go throughout your life time as relevant for your development and needs of that period. They are eager and willing to help us but we do have to ask and give permission because we have free will, and we must prepare ourselves properly to do it responsibly and safely.

Having a teacher or mentor in this department is invaluable and I do offer classes and individual instruction and written handouts on automatic writing, dowsing with a pendulum and channeling.  I also can do an intuitive reading for you on this subject to assess how ready you are, how your energy system is functioning and what needs to be cleared, even from past incarnations. 

The two most common blocks I’ve found in clients and students during intuitive readings or a past life hypnosis regression is a deep sense of soul guilt and shame, leading to subconscious feelings of UNworthiness and limiting beliefs due to trauma they experienced in another life from practicing in professions as a midwife, herbalist, healer or witch, and being ostracized or persecuted and killed for that.  So, obviously that can leave a bit of a subconscious fear and hesitation which for the most part, is not a rational concern in our modern times in America. There is the reality, though, that channeling CAN lead to losing credibility with colleagues, friends and family, which can be alienating in it’s own way.  But you will also attract NEW relationships that will be part of your growing spiritual community.

Channeling has been an incredible gift that has saved my life so many times, providing an endless source of unconditional love and comfort, instruction, protection and validation, that I can’t imagine existing without it or doing my work with clients without it.  It is that direct link to my soul and spiritual knowledge and the universal wisdom we all remember at the depth of our being, the higher realms we yearn to return home to.  I believe when we fully integrate our soul into our physical bodies, personality and intellectual structures then we will have completed our curriculum and be ready to do just that. Until then, we all get by with a little help from our “friends”, and at this pivotal time in history, that is so welcomed and appreciated.

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

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