Clearing Emotions & Beliefs with EFT Tapping

Everything in our life is a direct or indirect result of our beliefs. One could say a belief develops from a repeated series of thoughts continually about something until it forms a more permanent groove in the mind, and beliefs are often even inherited from parents, school, religion and society, and are not in alignment with our own life experiences or values.

The main reason we aren’t successful, happy, or prosperous has to do with our beliefs, regardless of our circumstances or how we got into them. It is still our own perception about these events and experiences that then further perpetuates suffering or transcendence and liberation. Our beliefs determine our daily thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings determine our decisions and choices as well as our actions and reactions. Beliefs, then, precede all of our feelings, decisions, choices, actions, reactions, and experiences, and eventually… our destiny.

To make lasting, profound changes in our lives, we have to change the dysfunctional, limiting beliefs at the deepest level of the psyche, the subconscious mind where they are operating and running the show 24/7. If not, we just keep attacking the symptoms, like trying to rub the picture off a movie screen rather than addressing the projector.

But how can you know what your subconscious, underlying beliefs are, for these are the ones that most dictate our perception and behavior? To start with- just observe your life and ask the question, “What would a person have had to believe to create and attract these circumstances and relationships?” Then, for the deepest core beliefs that all others are built on like the foundation on a building, we have to dig even further.

One effective way is to keep saying the word BECAUSE after each belief statement, such as in the belief, “I’m unloveable”…. BECAUSE “I’m bad.” Then, “I’m bad”….BECAUSE “I’m dishonest”. Eventually you could also be led to a negative or traumatic event that installed this belief originally, and then you have a specific memory you can clear too.

EXAMPLE: “I’m bad”…. because Mom always told me so, or because I let Dad have sex with me, or because my brother drowned when I was supposed to be watching him.

You can also determine someone’s beliefs from their actions and reactions. Self-observation or “mindfulness” is a powerful first step in self-awareness and eventually self-regulation and control.

EXAMPLE: Four different individuals could hear the same exact statement in a business meeting or from their spouses and interpret it four different ways according to their own filters! And then they respond accordingly, regardless of the intent of the sender (we’ve all been there!). So take a deep breath, step back and have a moment of “time-out”, and witness yourself in process. And you will be able to identify a bias or pattern in your reactions.

Working with a professional using Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing, is a way to get immediate feedback on beliefs and what is true for you or not, and using a pendulum as well. With EFT, you can also tap for all universal, generic negative beliefs that humans have, and not your specific ones, but that obviously would take longer.

A final note is that sometimes we have an emotional attachment to a specific belief. It has “served” us… whether that be by protecting us, keeping us safe, or giving us an excuse for not having to do something (go to work, be around certain people, etc.)

Physical pain or illness can serve us in the same way. If a specific belief has been “serving or protecting us”, we won’t allow the belief to clear initially. Distressed individuals certainly can use those emotions or pain to manipulate others, or they get some kind of pay-off from them that is set up subconsciously, sometimes at a very young age. The best way to get these defense mechanisms to let go is to replace them with a more positive, life affirming attitude or behavior.

EXAMPLE: If you use an illness or pain to get out of doing things you don’t want to, then adopt the attitude and behavior that it’s okay to set boundaries and limits with people and activities without feeling guilty, and then be mindful of when you’re slipping into old, unconscious patterns and catch yourself ! So the attachments have to be cleared around these issue before tackling the beliefs.

A strong sense of unworthiness or self-punishment (even from past life contracts) can also block or sabotage our efforts and needs to be removed first. This is partly addressed in the set-up statement, “Even though…. I completely love and accept myself”. These are cases where working with a skilled and intuitive professional can really jump start your self-help sessions using EFT.

When you dissolve the CORE beliefs with EFT, many of the other associated beliefs, attitudes and behaviors collapse around it, making for a very holistic, organic, efficient transformational process.

Dysfunctional emotions and limiting beliefs keep us in the lower vibrations of Consciousness and our lives small and in struggle. We simply are disempowered. They also make us self-absorbed on our own pain, wounds and perceived inadequacies. We get lost in fear, grief, anger, need and insecurity making everything about ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously. “How can I be present, focus on another, give you quality attention or energy when my emotions and problems are so consuming?” Then there are those individuals who go to the opposite extreme into self-denial, having poor or no boundaries and are unable to give from a clear and pure place, for the benefit of all parties concerned.

So working on ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to others, and the consciousness of the world as a whole, as well as it healing our own bodies, hearts, minds and souls.

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