“DEAR FLO” **** out of this world advice ! ****

Leave your burning questions here about the meaning of life, love and paying the bills, and get the low down and high wisdom from a Jewish-Italian mad mystic!


‘FLO   DARLING’ ~ the Mae West (Google it kiddies) of the psychic world and my alter ego, premiered on Broadway (that’s Broadway St. in Eugene, Oregon!), the opening act for the Health and Well-Being Expo. She has been turning up at parties and events ever since, to do a wacky comedy spoof on the New Age or off-the-wall psychic readings.

“What Sophia can produce with a wild group of kids in just two hours is great entertainment and an empowering, joyous experience for people of all ages. She’s legendary at Breitenbush for her MardiGras-like parades and has moved audiences to tears and laughter with her personal performance pieces. She has a magical gift that continues on long after the show is over.”

~ Peter Moore ~
Co-Founder of Breitenbush Retreat & Conference Center
Editor of Alternatives Magazine in Oregon

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