Being Grounded Is A Prerequisite

Being grounded in your body is essential but one of the most problematic areas I find when doing an energy assessment on clients.  This article will explain why that’s the first place you need to work on to bring yourself into full functioning and well-being, and how you can achieve that quickly and consistently.

When I do an energy assessment, which is at the beginning of most of my sessions regardless of what they’re going to consist of, what I find most commonly in the people who come to me is that they are ungrounded, not in their bodies and have weak to no boundaries.  They are the same people who often present symptoms like being unfocused, overwhelmed, tired, confused, experiencing ADHD, depression, agitation or anxiety. Many of the common symptoms that seem to be an epidemic today could be alleviated to some degree by simple daily energy maintenance routine of which I have instructional videos of on YouTube.

To start with, let’s define what exactly it means to be ungrounded.  Well as the word suggests, if you were grounded you would be have your energy fully present in your body and connected to the ground upon which you live.  But rather how often do we hear ourselves or others say that we feel scattered spaced out, uncentered, we can’t get it together, we can’t concentrate,  we can’t follow through?  Sometimes we feel so drained or overwhelmed we can’t even get the motivation to do anything about those self destructive symptoms.

But the most important of all to me is that we should be grounded because that simply means that we are present…  because as the saying goes when there is a contest, which life is in a way- “you have to be present to win”.

And if you’re not home in that body- guess what? There are thousands of entities flying around the astral plane who have died and not crossed over into the Light who would be glad to be a squatter on your premises, wreaking  even further havoc on your emotional, mental and physical health.   Even worse, in more rare cases,  maybe even other dimensional spirits or ET’s,  but I will discuss that in more depth in another blog and video.  However, if you have no awareness of this common astral phenomenon, that your malaise could be from spirit attachment or from  metaphysical or energetic causes, you could be going down that road of doctor and psychiatrist diagnoses and medications,  which I know intimately from being a social worker and nurse for decades.

I do want to point out that for some people being ungrounded is just a temporary passing state because they’re legitimately tired, overwhelmed with work or responsibilities or stressed somehow; or someone becomes anxious about a job interview, an exam or performance. Even that all too common annoyance of  just rushing around because we’re late for something really important and we misplaced our car keys can cause a biochemical change or parts of our brain to lock up, or we simply “check out”, when what we need to be doing is finding those car keys we lost!

Having our spirit and vital life force leave our bodies is simply a way of way of coping, and not confronting unpleasant or unsafe feelings or situations, often automatic like our autonomic nervous system and the whole flight or fight syndrome.

Another cause of being frequently ungrounded is having weak or no auric boundaries so that one is bombarded with the energy and emotions of other people and the unprecedented amount of electromagnetic pollution and interference we are confronted with in our modern lifestyle.  Some folks are plugged in most of the time, and then sit in cars and homes filled with electrical equipment and wiring.  One of the worst things you can do is walk around with a bluetooth for your phone hooked up to the side of your brain for hours! If you doubt it, get muscle tested by someone while it’s on and off your body- same outcome if you stand in front of the microwave while it’s operating or hold your cell phone. Your arm and system will weaken immediately as if you put a cup of sugar in your mouth and tested that!

Part of our obsession with modern conveniences and technology is that it keeps us away from the natural world, and especially young people these days. You should make the effort to get in contact with nature EVERY day- your yard, a park or trail, a beach or lake, a garden or forest. Hug a tree, sit on a sand dune and wiggle your toes in the  grass.  Snow is nature too! You can’t take your shoes off in it though, which is ideal for maximum therapeutic benefit.

But the cases I’m concerned more about are the chronic ones who have this as their m.o. – mode of operation – and sometimes they have become so used to it because that  it is more the norm than the exception.  They have become accustomed to this level of dissociation, dysfunction or inefficiency so they don’t even recognize that they are off and that it needs to be corrected…  these are the times when you may need to call a professional or someone you’ve been working with because you’re so low you need a jump start to even  be able to help yourself, or you are in crisis mode.

When we  get into the habit of doing daily energy and spiritual practices and then we are confronted with a huge challenge or potential crisis, we can much more readily get back to an equilibrium because we already know how to do it from repeated use and we never get so low anymore from where we have to bring ourselves back up  to a healthy baseline.  You know the old saying: “A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure”.

Okay- so some quick tips on how to fix this.  Remember though, if you are chronically inclined towards feeling  ungrounded the majority of the time, it really behooves you to find out the underlying cause so that you don’t have to even think about this, because there are plenty of people who go through life without ever imagining a tree trunk going down into the earth from their spine, you know? And they’re just fine!

Here are some general exercises that are universally used for grounding type purposes:

Always starting with the breath,  slowing it down and deepening it,  and kind of breathing  yourself back home through the top of your head which is generally where your energy escapes. There are many specific breathing techniques that accomplish different things which I can determine for your specific needs after a i do an assessment of your energy system.

Beginning with a general relaxation routine is helpful too. If you’re a very physically tense person, of course doing any kind of yoga or guided relaxation meditations or exercises will get you more centered and calm, and even martial arts of the slower variety like Tai Chi.

If you’re a visual type, meaning that you see things visually in your imagination and you can do guided imagery well and you dream vividly, then you can focus on exercises that incorporate that aspect more, such as seeing yourself as your favorite tree and the roots and the truck going deep into the earth, etcetera. Many meditations will refer to sending a grounding cord, a roper, a cable or anything that  works for you, down into the center of the Earth and wrapping it around something and breathing into it.

If you’re an auditory type that you like affirmations and prayer and using your words to set intention, certainly apply a lot of that and direct energy where you wanted to go verbally.

If you are more dominant in feeling and touch, you’ll be especially responsive to actual energy practices such as tapping EFT points and using some of Donna Eden’s energy medicine and energy psychology, also brain gym exercises , and I have demo videos on YouTube on all of those.

As far as meditation itself,  I would really discourage  following the temptation to go for the meditations where you getting out of your body more and you want to trip around in the higher dimensions, see colors, psychedelic symbols and meanings of higher powers.. there are practices that can actually be dangerous for you and just take you into territory that you’re not clear enough to navigate and you won’t be able to get grounded at all it when you come back. It’s like not being able to come down from an acid trip! I’ve had numerous clients come to me after ending up in the emergency room or psyche ward when they had an overwhelming paranormal experience or kundalini release too quickly. Hallucinations, voices, body perception distortions all without drugs! Not as sexy as it sounds, when your family commits you because they fear you’re having a breakdown.

I highly recommend a more Buddhist mindfulness approach and you can find a lot of information online about Buddhist meditation, specifically the Insight, Mindfulness or Vipassana technique.  After you’ve mastered that, then you can go trippin around the universe as an explorer, but learn how to be here first!

My original spiritual teacher Ram Dass, back in the early 70′ s, wrote the classic, groundbreaking book for generations to come, elegantly titled, “Be Here Now”. Still timeless advice…

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

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