Healthy Aura & Boundaries Will Save You!

This post and video are kind of a part 2 that comes after the post and video about being grounded in your body, and this talk will emphasize more the concept of having energetic boundaries as well as psychological boundaries.  Do read the post and listen to the video on “grounding” first because that’s where it begins.

Obviously if you’re not even present in your own body you can’t exactly own your energy and power and expand your aura to have strong energetic boundaries to keep out human and non-human negative energies, as well as the EMF’s electromagnetic field pollution from all the electronics we’re surrounded with and have attached to our bodies… and you know who I’m talking about.

When I perform an initial very detailed and comprehensive energy assessment  before any of my sessions, regardless of what kind of work we’re doing, the most common thing I find is that my clients are ungrounded and have zero to no boundaries, and I evaluate that in two different ways.

First is the actual aura surrounding the body emanating from the chakras and the meridians etc. I’m sure you’ve all heard of and aura and I’m not going to go into great scientific detail about what that is here and it is addressed and some of the other energy routines on my YouTube videos.

But for practical purposes, what’s important to know is if that the aura  contains and stores a lot of energy from you and from the outside world including all of your thoughts and emotions and other peoples if you’re particularly sensitive.  It even can absorb  the collective unconscious psyche of the whole planet and imagine out of 7 billion people how much anger, sadness, fear  and angst are flying around the atmosphere for your antenna to tune in to.  It’s like we’re walking around with a big satellite dish attached to us, and we are broadcasting our inner energy from it as well.

A healthy aura can extend 7 feet in every direction because some people can actually see these and measure them, and we have instruments that will do the same and even a dowsing rod will open when you get to the  edge of someone’s aura.   So anytime you’re just standing there taking up space on the planet you could be overlapping and mingling with someone else’s energy field directly, and you certainly are with the people you come in contact with daily including on the job, in your everyday activities, and with family and friends.

So many clients report to me how drained they feel by other people’s energy and this is totally unnecessary.  You just have to learn how to fortify and use the aura as  your energetic shield which is partly what it’s there for, as a filter between you and the world, especially if you consider yourself to be  very open and  intuitive.   Unfortunately, many of my clients, and especially young people who are naturally endowed with psychic and healing abilities, feel so bombarded with external forces coming at them that they can’t control,  they shy away from or completely relinquish utilizing these abilities.  

Also, if you’re sitting in front of computer much of the day and hooked up to cell phones and musical devices and riding in cars and going home to your house filled with electrical appliances and wiring etc, that is another insult to the sensitive subtle bodies and systems of the energy anatomy.

Another big reason people feel drained by the energy of others is because of how they psychologically perceive their role in perspective to someone else.   If you are someone who has a hard time saying no, stays longer than you want to listening to people’s problems and negative talk, who takes on more obligations than you’re comfortable with, who does things or behaves in  ways to get love and approval from others – if you often put others needs before your own  or don’t even know how to express what you want or need, or feel unsafe or unworthy to…then  these are obviously much deeper issues that need to be addressed more systemically than merely a bandaid, symptomatic relief from doing energy exercises.   However, they still will keep you afloat until you resolve the core underlying beliefs that cause you to be codependent and an enabler.

I have many methods for accessing those conscious and unconscious beliefs and healing them at their source, and I would love to help you with that if that is a challenge for you.  Just as with being grounded in your body, once the underlying issues are resolved, the system will automatically start to reflect that more and will not require ongoing effort to maintain a healthy state.   Then you can just utilize the tools you have to give yourself an extra boost when you’re going into a heavily loaded emotional encounter, being around toxic or chaotic people, entering a hospital, nursing home or prison and  those kinds of extreme environments and circumstances. I use it frequently with all of the homeless people we have in San Diego who are often  mentally ill, intoxicated or sick,  with nasty negative entities attached to them.  I don’t have to avoid contact or turn my gaze away- I can even speak to them and give them the human dignity and compassion they deserve while all the time I am breathing out and expanding my aura to be rock hard. When I haven’t done this around those kinds of people, I found some astral hitchhikers when I get home and I have to then orchestrate a process to send them into the light.

 A special warning for those who drink or do drugs or someone you know.  You are making yourself very vulnerable to all manner of troublesome attachments because your  aura has become very weak and porous and you are vacating your body to some extent.   Years ago I had a very clairvoyant friend I used to go out dancing with in bars, though we never drank, and she could see astral entities lining the ceilings waiting for someone to go home with, so the next time you might be thinking of doing that and finding a “hookup”, remember that image! These entities can feed off of addictive substances and addictive behavior, because they might have been addicted themselves before dying, and they are living vicariously through your energy and sensations. I get into this in much more depth and detail on another YouTube video on channeling, spirit guides and astral entities.

So honor this sacred vessel you were given,  and as it was said so well in Star Wars,  “May the Force be with you!”

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

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