Why Reincarnation Matters

​In the 25 years I’ve been performing intuitive readings and past life hypnosis regressions,  it’s been ​revealed that some people have had hundreds if not thousands of other lives here and in far off places. ​W​ith a Universe that hol​ds​ billions of galaxies with billions of stars and planets in​ each, ​ it is very conceivable that not only other life forms similar to us exist but that we were them at one ​time, ​but I will speak more on that in another video. ​ Planet Earth itself ​is approximately 4.5 billion years old and forms of human like species have been found to be 2 million years old, and much older as they get more ape like, so chances are you’ve racked up a few lifetimes along the way.

W​hen I ask my client​s​ if they believe in reincarnation​,​ because I always respect people’s spiritual orientation when I work with them, some will say that they don’t ​DIS​believe ​it but​ they’ve never had any direct experience or proof of it.   ​There is actually a wealth of written material on the subject with many impressive case studies that the  most negative skeptic would find hard to refute. But at least  having an open mind is a good enough place to start because most of us grew up in a religious tradition or in a culture that did not include reincarnation; however it is a belief held by​ numerous major and minor religions and many Christians and agnostics​ around the world.

​The Bible wasn’t even fully compiled until decades after Jesus’s departure, taken much from oral recollections, and translated through four languages thus far. I​n fact​,​ ​there is evidence​ that there were many references ​about reincarnation removed ​from this latest version of the bible, and even entire books​, for the purpose of political power and control. ​ Most of this took place from the 300’s AD to the 500’s and as part of the Council of Nicea​, ​in order to maintain consistency and law and order ​in the Roman empire.  ​And let’s face it… the underlying tenets ​of​ reincarnation ​and karma ​do not lend themselves well​ to authority​ figures who want to dictate our truth and control the masses​,​ especially ​through ​fear and having any kind of financial compensation involved to the church.   Even with all the manipulation to eliminate the earlier Christian teachings, many references can still be found throughout the Bible on this topic and some of the removed books/gospels were found later in history​.  You can search all of this on the internet and Amazon for in-depth books on the subject.

​T​he central concept in r​ein​carnation is the theory of cause and effect​,​ meaning whatever one has done, said or even thought in one lifetime will produce an effect either ​in​ that current life​,​ the next one or the future, for the purpose of balancing out ones​ ​experiences or karma​, NOT as punishment, which is the primary control mechanism of many religions.

In the reincarnation model, one has played out the many roles of the human drama, being perpetrator and victim, overcoming great obstacles and mastering what it is to be fully human but also a spirit embodying a physical and material existence.  Being completely responsible and accountable for our own actions from lifetime to  lifetime and having to make amends and learn from them is the most effective path to enlightenment, and finally liberation from this cycle of repetition,  NOT an eternal hell of torture and punishment where no one can benefit.

​S​o how can knowing about your other lives and your soul’s journey and agreements help you in your reality today?  

Well, you may have noticed you have certain self-defeating patterns that you keep repeating or there are underlying causes for you not being able to manifest what you want and  no matter how much therapy or inner work you’ve done, you haven’t been able to fully uncover that root.  It can dramatically help with overcoming chronic health issues, pain and phobias or just generalized anxiety and depression.

Have you ever felt his uncanny connection with a certain individual, even if it’s unhealthy, or just have a certain knowing that your path was somewhat predetermined and there is a purpose that you were supposed to align with to feel really full filled and complete in this lifetime.

The place I start when I’m working with someone on ANY issues is: doing a very unique, precise, detailed intuitive reading which includes a soul profile, describing what your primary soul objective and contracts were when you came in, what it is now and what is the primary wound on a subconscious level that you’re still working on.  I find out how much you’re allowing the universe to love and support you, how much you have loved and forgiving yourself and others for all things present and past, exactly how many lives you’ve had here and other places, how many have been male, female, etc and really anything you want to ask specifically about you or people that are in your current existence.

What this gives you in essence is a mission statement for your life,  just like a business or an organisation has, and you know what your primary objective is for being here this time so then everything that’s happened to you from the time you were in the womb to this moment is in support of that- no matter how bad, how difficult, how ugly it appears, no matter how much you have felt like a victim or off the track, it has all been leading you and redirecting you to this primary soul contract and agreement and all the things related to it… and wouldn’t that be great and exciting to know?!

An example for me is that after I felt neglected and abandoned by all of my family members and then I became a big sister volunteer for 4 different girls over the span of 20 years. They each basically dumped me when they became adolescents and no longer seemed to need or appreciate me, after I had done way beyond the typical big sister role.  So when I asked Spirit, ” What’s the deal–this doesn’t seem fair!  I can’t even have my own children and then I try to help kids I don’t even know and I don’t get anything back! ”  What I was told was that each one of these was a child of mine in a former life and I had committed to completing my obligations with them as a parent which I couldn’t or was not willing to do when I was there as a biological mother or father, and my agreement was to do it selflessly without expecting anything in return- and while it was always a lot of fun in the moment, that’s exactly how it ended.  When I learned that, I completely let go and found total peace about it, as well as understanding my past reasons for deciding ahead of time not to be able to bear children of my own or to have a lifelong mate, which I also then released the grief of.

The most common wound I find holding people back, including myself, is what I call soul shame – it’s a deep sense of regret and unworthiness which are not allowing the good to come to us that we yearn for and ask for because we don’t feel worthy. We’re held hostage by of our past feelings of how we harmed others or denied God, even if we had some very righteous incarnations in between, and traditional religions have helped shape that self-defeating attitude.

 So one of the main things I offer is a complete  processes for forgiving oneself and forgiving others through all the lifetimes.  When we can be kind and loving to our selves it is so much easier to have the empathy, compassion and deep understanding to forgive others. On the lighter side, you might use this soul integration process, as I call it, to deepen your connection to Spirit, to access past talents and knowledge, to get more in touch with your true path, your true calling in life and really maximize that so you can have the greatest gratification while contributing the most possible to the world.

Initially I came to research reincarnation ​because it was the only explanation  that made sense of this crazy​,​ chaotic​,​ complicated world.  After growing up with alcoholism, mental illness and incest in my family, when I was just 18 years old I starting college and was trained as a mental health technician with severely physically and mentally disabled children. Some even died at an extremely young age.​  I was so troubled by their struggle and the suffering of their parents that I ​was driven​ to find answers as to what kind of God would assign a soul randomly to this one miserable lifetime, where others had intelligence​,​ beauty​,​ riches ​, ​security and all the opportunities life could offer.

​I have found it to be extremely healing in my own recovery process from​ childhood abuse and chronic pain for many years, so it has evolved into one of​ the​ specialties ​in ​my work though I never set out with that intention. ​ After I’d done ALL kinds of emotional and physical therapeutic modalities to deal with the incest of my adopted father and sadistic abuse as a newborn by my very sick biological father​​,  I had to find a reason beyond the New Age doctrines of “you create your own reality by your thoughts, etc.”, since I didn’t even HAVE any thoughts or experiences yet! Obviously the cause of this earliest violation had to come BEFORE i was even born, which led me to detailed insights from hypnosis regressions and psychic and energy readings, that the toxic relationship with my father had been going on for LIFETIMES, and this time was set up as a divine initiation into a higher spiritual existence through exercising extraordinary surrender to Spirit, forgiveness and ultimately transcendence. The truth was we’d been trying to destroy each other for millenia and my discovering this shifted in into a entirely different perspective where I could choose to stop the madness by how I dealt with it, which freed us both.

​So I’ve come to name the process I offer as SOUL  INTEGRATION, which is more of a therapeutic process that has practical value in your reality today, and not just a bunch of interesting stories.  I developed this because I found it ​hugely missing in the psychological and healing ​arena​ and many other spiritual disciplines that are taught​,​ even though the individuals involved with these often believe in reincarnation themselves. ​  W​ith a psychology degree myself, and decades of working in mental health, I certainly don’t deny that our childhood and early influences such as​ culture​, religion,​ education and our peers are the components ​which ​molded​ our values and personalities​ and created the ​many​ problems ​and neuroses we deal with​ as adults​, but ​what I’ve discovered​ is that we ​CHOSE​ those families and all those experiences on some level, to​ some degree even before we came in​, for a particular purpose and lesson.  So ​that means ​we had the dysfunctional upbringing because of past life experiences and decisions!

A joke I like to say is that you’re not messed up because of your childhood… your childhood got messed up because of your previous childhood!​ If we really want to be liberated, we must go the deepest root of where a cause is still acting out in our lives.

​When you examine your own life how long has it taken you perhaps to learn forgiveness or unconditional love, acceptance of yourself and self-esteem, how to not judge others​, ​to be able to let go of a broken heart and tra​u​mas of the past?  The human species has to learn how to navigate through and master intense emotions, and the unique challenges that come with being a man or woman, particular race or culture, and perhaps with physical mental or emotional deficits to overcome. ​A​nd then there are the universal themes of being alive such as survival, power, ​money, ​creativity, love, compassion and ultimately altruism and service to the world, as well as caring for our precious home mother earth (aligns with the chakra system). That’s a tall order for a single lifetime, one that may even be very brief.​

​ ​I​t seems the ultimate test here is how we will balance materialism and attachment to possessions, people and whatever particular lusts we pursue… with developing a purity of heart, a higher consciousness of mind and ​a​ trust and faith in a cosmic divine order and purpose to creation.  ​N​ot to mention ​all the time it takes to ​learn communication, ​ math, how to play music​,​ create magnificent art, surf, mak​e​ love, build cities and civilizations, ​successfully​ cohabitate with nature and conquer technology. ​HECK​ of a list for a short few years on earth in a single lifetime​!

More evidence for reincarnation is in looking at the enormous inequality in the world between individuals- the outstanding, extraordinary composers, artists and child prodigies and geniuses in certain fields who  seem to have an accumulated amount of a knowledge and talent that transcend the average and normal human capacity. And on the darkest side of the human experience is the sometimes unspeakable abuse and evil that humans have perpetrated against each other  such as in the Holocaust or the Inquisition or any oppressive governmental regime of today.

I personally am assured and comforted by knowing there is a system for monitoring these disparities and balancing the injustices of this world, and that all souls have the opportunity to recover and redeem themselves as they evolve.

I would love to share thoughts and experiences about this subject with you further or help you to explore your own long journey around this great universe. Please read more of my website for additional information about these topics and some of the best books I recommend are the timeless classics of Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist who started writing on this back in when nobody else was, and my favorite book on the subject that has a different angle but will give you tremendous insight about the afterlife and what happens between lifetime are two separate titles by Michael Newton.

As a PhD psychologist who became a hypnotherapist and wasn’t sure he even believed in reincarnation, he discovered more and more patients going into past life memories to deal with traumas, phobias and emotions that were plaguing them. He became a complete convert to this subject and gave up his psychotherapy practice to become a pioneer in the field, to develop a very specific technique of deep hypnosis where he took people for a few hours through a session where they explored the space between lifetimes.  He gathered hundreds of recordings and transcripts on very consistent repetitive reports of every aspect of afterlife and reincarnation that you can imagine. The book number one is called Journey of Souls and book number two is Destiny of Souls, and should be read in order. You can find them very cheap on Amazon used and they are an extremely fascinating and uplifting read!

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If you’d like to learn more about all of this and get evaluated yourself and then have a customized set of tools for your energy, psychological and emotional needs, we can meet in San Diego or on skype/phone which is usually as effective.  I have details handouts written that I email you as well as audios and videos that are even more specific than the introductory ones on YouTube.

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