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Contact and Fees

LOCATION:  My US home base is San Diego, CA though now I am semi-retired and live part of the year in Mexico, Asia or other parts of the world. I'm no longer spending summers in Montana or Oregon. I work with an international clientele via phone/video for most of my services (even for long term clients). Because of my extra sensory skills and intuition, I can effectively perform long distance much more than a conventional therapist or coach would be able to. With today's technology and the transcendent nature of some of the healing work (beyond Time and Space constraints), even hypnosis and energy healing can be very powerful remotely and is widely practiced this way in our very mobile new world.

Video Chat you can enjoy an audio and visual experience and receive an emailed recording of the session. I also have an app that records AND provides a written transcript of the session. Otherwise, I can often use my cell phone minutes without you using up yours. I also have many detailed instructional handouts, audios and videos I email you, so you'll have long lasting learning tools.

OFFICE HOURS:   Flexible day times and some evenings and weekends. You may have phone appointments for 30 minute increments, for a few questions, crisis intervention, coaching, or energy work or up to 2 hours at a sitting. I make myself very available for emergency or short notice sessions whenever possible. 


FEES:   Determined by amount of sessions, so the more you get the better the value, and the more complete you'll be with your transformation. Remember, I offer "one stop shopping" and can work with many issues in many ways, and most importantly, teach YOU how to do it for yourself ! Clients often want to skimp on money and cut corners and I also feel rushed because we usually get into major core issues and soul purpose themes, no matter what a client thinks their problem is initially. As much as I give you many tools and techniques to clear and reprogram yourself, as well as an entire "energy medicine" repertoire to choose from, I have found over the years that people do not USE these as much as they could if they are not demonstrated adequately during the session, and the resistance to changing and healing is removed first.

* Hourly rate will be lower if you live outside the US as a foreigner/expat or a native of that country,

have special financial or medical needs,

or pay for multiple sessions in advance on a sliding scale basis to be discussed. *

US and Canada residents invest $100 an hour and an initial appointment can go 90 to 120 minutes including the follow-up materials and recording prepared and emailed to you, and a check-in call within a week. Some services require longer sessions and are best done separate from a reading such as hypnotherapy or EFT (Emotional Freedon Technique) instructions and treatment. For returning clients, 30 minute appointments are available for tune-ups, check-ins, pep talks or to receive channeled Guidance on a few questions.

PAYMENT: Cash preferred in person or all major Credit/Debit Cards and Electronic Checks accepted via Paypal who also offes a 6 month no interest finance plan on orders for $99 and more with decent credit scores (see link below). If I don't know you and you aren't a referral, then you must pay in advance before a phone appointment through the Paypal "Donation" button below, after we agree on the amount. I'm sorry that I am not able to bill insurance.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancelled appointments or no-shows will be charged unless client  reschedules within a week for a new appointment, regardless of the reason unless a serious financial emergency. This is standard procedure among professionals.

TO SCHEDULE: Call for a free 10 minute consultation to determine if we are a good match, or email me with your full name and very briefly describe what issues or concerns you'd like addressed. Be sure to give your phone number, time zone and best times to be reached within the next day. If you don't get a confirmation from me within then, it means I'm traveling and in between computer access and phone.


Email: catalystresource@gmail.com

(email reaches me as quickly as a phone call)

US: (+1 counry code) 858-461-8353 voicemail

Mexico Cell or WhatsApp: (+52) 332-971-8550

APPLY for PayPal credit line HERE

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