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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ American Essayist & Poet

crystal ball

My intuitive readings are unlike a typical "psychic reading" in that are really more of a therapeutic and healing process than mere facts and predicting the future. They are considered more spiritual than "psychic", and always respectful, practical and positive. Even with difficult past life and emotionally sensitive material, I maintain a lightness and sense of humor and help you to find the gifts in everything. I feel blest that strangers open up to me to have their deepest yearnings and pains revealed, so I approach every session with great reverence and aim to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

Intuitive readings provide you with information and insights to make better choices, to learn what you are meant to from your experiences and to forgive and complete the past. Their purpose is for healing and enlightenment, clarity and empowerment and to connect you to your Soul and Higher Self, not just some quick, easy answers or parlor tricks to impress you. Nor do I find it to be a valuable use of your time and money to tell you a bunch of worthless trivia about yourself and your life that you already know.

I access your Highest Truth directly through you Divine Self and channeling your Spirit Guides and Angels as well as my own, which is called Clairaudience, and feeling and knowing called hyper empathy and Clairsentience, and some psychic visions called Clairvoyance to receive very precise and specific information about common topic areas such as life purpose and work, personality challenges, relationship issues, health, money, life decisions and soul purpose. I may include pendulum dowsing over informational charts for additional confirmation of what I'm receiving. As a psychic "medium" communicating with Spirits in other Dimensions, I'm able to obtain some information about humans and pets who have passed on, either through their Spirit Guides or directly. This is especially helpful for finding clarity, forgiveness of self and others and peaceful closure so you can move forward in your life. Couples Readings are also very beneficial, or just a compatibility and karmic reading about you and another individual, even if they are not present.

You'll receive a unique, comprehensive intuitive assessment of all your energy systems and different aspects of your inner and outer life (I can show you a sample of this before you commit to an appointment). Sessions are often finished with some form of clearing work or energy work, which you are taught to do for yourself with written meditations, practices and healing exercises. This gives you a way to integrate what came up in the session and to continue your healing and transformation, as needed and I reinforce you increasing your own intuitive guidance and awareness. (I also offer classes in Intuitive Development, Pendulum Dowsing and Channeling).

 Sessions are recorded along with notes and handouts that are emailed.  Gift certificates available.
 "Clear, precise, purposeful... Sophia's groundbreaking work is solidly based in diverse training and personal experience.
I have received many sessions from Sophia and referred numerous clients with a multitude of issues whom have been
completely satisfied and often continued long term. See her if you're serious about powerful and lasting change!"
Jean Logan ~ Licensed Acupuncturist & Qi Gong Teacher
Co-owner of Health Options Clinic in Montana and President of the MT Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

"Sophia has a gift to communicate higher states of consciousness in very clear and profound ways.
Her humility and wisdom make her sessions a deep, life changing experience.
I've received significant guidance and straightforward responses to long unanswered questions.
I highly recommend her if you feel stuck, lost, need clarity or just want to know yourself better.
I referred many friends to her who received more than they expected and have continued on as regular clients."
Anton Possenig ~ Interior Designer
Barbara Brennan School of Healing Graduate, Miami