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My work is very diverse and eclectic, providing healing and transformation 
for the whole person.
Many educational materials can be found under the FAQ's, Self-Help Tools and Glossary.
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My Philosophy and Approach

My mission has always been to relieve suffering on the planet, simply put.

By providing non-judgemental support and love and a menu of resources for change, my objective is to empower and be a catalyst in the lives of my clients and students, via practical assistance to exploring the mystical Big Questions of Existence... to help you to release what you no longer want and to manifest what you truly desire and deserve. You could call me "The Practical Mystic".

The benefits of mind-body therapies, combined with a spiritual foundation, energy work and uncovering the subconscious mind, are comparable to years of conventional talk therapy or a narrow approach from just one discipline. Many of my clients utilize my services even if they are working with another mental health professional or primary care provider. Others just want to explore personal growth and spiritual development or improve their health on all levels through a variety of Holistic Healing modalities, Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance. Since I operate from the premise that we are first spiritual beings in the form of energy, having a human experience, I begin our process there, while respecting individual beliefs.

I also reinforce the fact that you are already whole and perfect, as you were created to be, and the journey of awakening is more about UNdoing what's been layered over that, and discovering who you truly are. My intuitive skills enable me to discover that, and what is needed, in a much more laser fashion than a standard interview assessment. This intuitive advantage, plus 40 years of experience, allow me to effectively perform most of my services over video chat without the benefit of your physical presence. 

My specialty is working deeply but efficiently and showing you how to do the same with hands on training in self-help practices, healing techniques and meditation. Sessions are experiential and practical, seamlessly weaving many of my modalities and skills together to get to the root causes of your issues and needs with the least amount of pain and time. In fact, it can even be quite fun!

There is a strong educational component and you will receive a recording and transcript of the session, handouts and homework,  as well as phone and email check-ins. Instructional or inspirational videos and audios may be sent via email as well. You'll gain many new practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life to be your own healer, therapist and intuitive guide.

I honor deep emotional expression while teaching how to develop a meditative and spiritual outlook on your situation. Authenticity, compassion, directness, humor and years of my own physical and emotional recovery work are brought to our time together. Emphasis is on a short term, solution-focused model, empowering you with support, resources and tools to have the results you desire. If you do your part, and utilize all that is given, success is guaranteed !




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