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Holistic Healing

I draw upon my nursing and massage therapy background, a plethora of holistic healing methods and extensive experience in recovering my own body and mind (see my healing journey and the testimonials pages).  My motto is "TAKE  BACK  YOUR  POWER !" 

The most important step is to first discover what the underlying causes are for you developing your condition, and what its purpose and higher life lesson is. Unconventional methods of receiving information about your condition and the best healing program are utilized, such as Applied Kinesiology and Pendulum Dowsing and my skills as a type of "medical intuitive" and spiritual channeler. This is not a substitute for official medical diagnosis and treatment, but is more a way to identify core beliefs, weaknesses and imbalances in your system or diet, to stimulate your body's innate healing wisdom and power, and to strengthen your sense of control and confidence.

Renowned, prolific author and teacher Caroline Myss is an astonishingly accurate medical intuitive who worked closely with C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and Harvard-trained neurosurgeon for years and he states that her accuracy in diagnosing is as good as by medical means. One of her books, "Why People Don't Heal and How They Can" addresses staying addicted to identifying with our wounds in life, which leads to the following step below.

The next obstacle is to remove is any attachment to holding onto your condition for its subconscious benefits such as staying a victim, getting attention, giving oneself permission to say no to doing things because of health, but most common is subconscious feelings of unworthiness and self-punishment or that it serves as a form of self-protection from some perceived threat, often started far back into childhood (or even past lives). 

The 3rd step is education- learning what the alternatives are in professional practitioners, healing modalities and self help tools and reducing reliance on temporary surface fixes like medication and surgery, after maximizing less invasive means.

And the final phase is being fully committed to making the inner and outer transformation necessary to reclaim one's full capacity and freedom, which may involve changes in diet, lifestyle, environment, job, relationships and certainly daily behaviors and the beliefs that drive them. 

This is an integrated approach to healing a physical or mental condition that can enhance or complement any other regimen you're under, or primary care provider you're working with. I offer educational materials, tools and resources for lifestyle and dietary changes, meditation training, stress management, and supplement/remedy recommendations. Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and other illnesses, allergies, excess candida or parasites, detoxification and cleansing, weight control are approached from all angles. Even anxiety and depression are explored as partly a physiological condition and many people have been able to get off of or decrease very damaging prescription meds after learning how to balance neurotransmitters, hormones and brain chemicals through nutrition, lifestyle, mind power, stress management, meditation, and natural remedies. Herbs and Amino Acids have been scientifically shown to be highly effective as a substitute for dangerous pharmaceuticals, along with an adequate vitamin/mineral supplement and fish oils.

Some of the techniques I teach work like magic but also have scientific testing and data behind them. You can learn how to strengthen your brain and immune system, self-healing energy work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , self-hypnosis for recovery and pain control, and cancer imagery exercises used at the pioneering Simonton cancer treatment center. I can also suggest the latest technologies and devices such as magnet products, EMF protectors, corrective back equipment, infrared saunas, light therapies, etc.

Spiritual faith, prayer, visualization, belief in a positive possibility and self-empowerment have been proven to be potent contributors to the healing and recovery process in data collected by the studies of world renowned doctors/surgeons and scientists:  Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Christiane Northrup, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Andrew Huberman, Lynne McTaggart and Larry Dossey. In fact, even the Placebo Effect has shown to be incredibly powerful in clinical drugs trials and double blind studies for medical treatments. This phenomenon is simply "mind over matter"- and it's free and has no side effects!

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