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Holistic Coaching

In many fields of endeavor people use coaches and mentors to achieve great success. Life Coaching is a method to support rapid and ongoing achievement of specific goals, behavior or habit change, or a comprehensive lifestyle overhaul through a structured, individualized program and client accountability. Unlike the traditional coaching model which just deals with the present and the future in practical terms, I address the whole person and all the factors that contribute to or undermine your success, including the influence of your past, your environment, your relationships, the very habitual subconscious mind and your Soul purpose.

We can transform some things with a less mystical approach, such as health or relationship coaching, but when you are seeking your true path and the means to fulfill it, it is much more effortless to go with the flow of spiritual guidance. NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and muscle testing may be incorporated into a session to bring about even more exact and immediate results.

I'm a Certified Life Coach with intuitive abilities equal to my keen sense of pragmatism, efficiency and organization. My many years as a social worker enabled me to master resourcefulness and problem solving abilities and the skill of getting the big picture to develop a synergistic program for the optimal lifestyle. Being a former licensed massage therapist and nurse grounds the holistically oriented side of me in science for a well rounded approach to wellness education Although I don't specialize in Business Coaching per se, I bring my variety of commissioned sales and sales training experience to the table, including marketing seminars for Tony Robbins and being a top sales producer and seminar leader for one of his most successful former employees, Eric Lofholm. I'm currently mastering my own success as an entrepreneur and online marketer of goods and services. My other passions are the performing arts.

Communication is done in-person, video chat and e-mail for defining goals and strategies, eliminating blocks to success, brainstorming, support, motivation and feedback, in increments as small as 20 minutes of time and as long as it takes. You'll receive a comprehensive self-assessment tool for every aspect of your life, many self-help tools and a system for goal setting, planning and monitoring your progress.


Arizona Rocks
" I discovered Sophia as a new hot shot marketing seminars for Tony Robbins where I was mentored to become a high selling trainer. As a corporate trainer for my sales and personal development company, Sophia's humor, dynamic personality and expertise created an educational, enlightening and entertaining environment and curriculum for sales professionals in a variety of industries, to acquire the skills and mind set for positive results in their careers AND personal lives. She was also a top closer for bringing in sales to subsequent seminars."
~ Eric Lofholm ~
President of Sales Champion International, San Diego CA

"Sophia is not only an awesome counselor and intuitive reader and healer but also a mentor and teacher.  She opened many new doors  for me personally and professionally,
helping me to cultivate my own healing gifts for others."

~ Shannon Gaites ~
Student and Massage Therapist, Portland OR
"I was able to completely change my lifestyle to regain my health, quit smoking, lose 50 pounds, and overcome my shyness and lack of confidence about dating to where I am engaged to my soul mate now! It takes a lot of support to make these kinds of deep changes of identity and behavior, and you were with me every step of the way at the most affordable rate of any coach I know of. Thank you so much for your skill and love!"
~ David Bronson ~
Computer Geek, San Jose CA
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