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1. Acupuncture Points
2. Akashic Records
3. Applied Kinesiology (AK)
4. Aura
5. Body-Centered Psychotherapy
6. BodyTalk Healing
7. Chakra
8. Channeling
9. Clairaudience
10. Clairsentience
11. Clairvoyance
12. Co-Dependent
13. Core Belief
14. Cording
15. Core Wound
16. Dissociated
17. Ego
18. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's)
19. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
20. Energy Medicine
21. Energy Psychology
22. Energy Work
23. Entities
24. Frequency/Vibration
25. Guilt versus Shame
26. Holistic
27. Karma
28. Long Distance Healing
29. Meridians
30. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
31. Pendulum Dowsing
32. Reincarnation
33. Self-Esteem
34. Soul Contracts
35. Subconscious Mind
36. Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)
37. Time Line Therapy
38. Ungrounded

1. Acupuncture Points (top)

The hotspots along meridian lines (see Meridians below) that can be stimulated or sedated by thin, painless needles or manual pressure. Even a slight touch can affect changes in the flow of energy, or chi, to unblock energy circuits and restore vitality, balance and mental and emotional well-being.

2. Akashic Records (top)

A cosmic library of all records of human experience and Creation from the beginning of time. A skilled intuitive practitioner can access these files telepathically in order to relay past life information about you or Earth's history. It is believed that is also shows "future lives", indicating Time is circular, not linear.

3. Applied Kinesiology (AK) (top)

A diagnostic tool using manual muscle testing to get feedback on the functional status of the body or even the emotions. Based on the assumption that there is a Divine or Innate Intelligence within the human being, and the nervous system reacts immediately with feedback to convey a Yes or No response to a question, or to indicate a strenthening or weakening on a muscle stress test after a statement or question is made.

4. Aura (top)

Energy field surrounding the body emanating partially from the chakras. It usually appears in 7 layers of color, and changes with our moods and energy levels. The aura registers and stores all experiences and energies from within and around you, and is a protective shield from other people's energy and such intrusive phenomenon as electromagnetic fields. You can intentionally cleanse and strengthen the aura by exercises I will show you.

5. Body-Centered Psychotherapy (top)

A model of therapy that utilizes the body to obtain information about what is going on in the psyche, and treats these issues in a way that includes the body. It's like letting the body communicate what some of your inner needs are. It is said that the body doesn't lie, like our personality and ego sometimes do. Pain is an example of how you could access deeper information about the emotional pain you've internalized. I have been trained in and been a long-term client of a number of these therapies, such as Hakomi, Dr.Arny Mindell's Mind-Body system and Bioenergetics.

6. BodyTalk Healing (top)

A gentle total healing system which uses muscle testing applied kinesiology to receive information and guidance from the innate wisdom and intelligence of the body, to not only locate the weakened or broken lines of communication and establish how to re-connect them, but also to find the proper order in which they are to be restored. The treatment intervention is through gentle touch and a few other techniques that integrate the brain and body functions for optimal health, helpful for acute or chronic conditions, animals and even long distance over the phone. Self-help routines are also taught to maintain peak performance.

7. Chakra (top)

A vortex or wheel of spinning energy running along the spine in the area of the aura. There are 7 major ones that feed life force to all our physiological functions, close to where each is located, and they each represent an area of life development. Chakras take in and release energy, influencing every aspect of our emotional, psychological and spiritual life in addition to our physical health. They each have a color of the rainbow, following the same sequence as the spectrum of light bands. We are also Light Beings, created out of the same material of the Universe. Think of that the next time you gaze at a rainbow.

8. Channeling (top)

It is when a human being is an instrument for Divine Guidance and hears information inside their head from a spirit Being of some sort. These words may be written or spoken. A trance channel completely leaves their awareness and body and allows the "Other" to actually speak a different voice through them, and even change languages, accents or mannerisms. This channel typically has no memory of the content afterwards. A conscious channel (like myself) is able to maintain awareness of his/her own identity while tuning into the messages of the Guide, and has to be very vigilant about keeping their own filters and opinions out of the way. Even the Bible, the Ten Commandments and the Koran are examples of a form of channeling. It was much more commonplace in days of old for people to talk to Angels and "burning bushes". Contemporary examples are "The Course in Miracles", the "Conversations with God" series and Ramtha and Abraham, ancient Beings both channeled through middle age American women. There are also written and spoken channels who claim to be spokespersons for the ET communities that are trying to help Humans evolve and Earth survive as a planet.

9. Clairaudience (top)

An intuition faculty that entails extra-sensory hearing, the dominant psychic skill used in "channeling" and communicating with Spirit Guides, Angels or deceased loved ones.

10. Clairsentience (top)

An intuitive faculty of inner knowing, those flashes of insight, gut level hunches and feeling intuition more in your body. Especially useful in hands-on energy work and healings.

11. Clairvoyance (top)

An intuitive faculty that is more of the visual nature, found in medical intuitives who see energy and health conditions and people who "see" auras, chakras, etc. Tarot Readers and psychics who get visions use this skill.

12. Co-Dependent (top)

People throw this term around loosely, but in the therapeutic context it means being dependent on others for your sense of self-worth and value, so you tend to give primarily to get validation, love and acceptance. This person needs to be needed to feel secure, has problems with boundaries and saying "no". Simply put, it's giving away of one's self to actually feel a sense of self.

13. Core Belief (top)

A belief that developed from childhood or other early experiences that is so strong it influences your reality as in forming your world view, values and expectations. It can be a belief about yourself, others, the world or how life is. Examples are, "Life isn't fair", "People always hurt you", "We are born sinners".

14. Cording (top)

Is when someone actually sends an energy cord to attach to your energy in some way. It can occur between lovers and the parent/child relationship, which is more natural and benign. The kind that needs to removed is when it is coming from someone who wants to control you, suck your energy, is overprotective or needy, has a grudge against you, is threatened by you or obsessing over you. It's usually done unintentionally (unless they practice black magic or mind control) and often ends up in one or more of the chakras. It can remain for years, even from someone who has died. I do a simple, quick procedure to release these and resolve the issues between you and that party.

15. Core Wound (top)

This is a belief or emotion that is the most negative one you hold that sabotages your happiness and success in life, such as "I am not good enough", "I'm unwanted", "I'm unlovable".

16. Dissociated (top)

When a part of us disconnects from ourselves because something is too painful or scary. An extreme case of this is Multiple Personality Disorder. Ultimately, it's a coping mechanism, often starting in childhood, and especially with any kind of abuse. Then we spend the rest of our lives not fully present for anything. I teach gentle ways to re-integrate these disowned parts and fragmented identity.

17. Ego (top)

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't consider the ego the enemy of enlightenment or a negative phenomenon. I embrace the philosophy that all of our parts have a function, and a positive intention, originally. The ego is the driving force of the personality that is motivated by survival and getting our needs met. It can get very narrowly focused and attached to outcomes because of this, so it sometimes feels at odds with our loftier aspirations and goals. Having a healthy ego, in balance with the rest of your parts, is essential to good self-esteem.

18. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) (top)

Electromagnetic fields. In simple terms, energies from all the electrical equipment we are surrounded by and hooked up to that is unprecedented in any age before ours, and is not compatible with our own natural energy make-up. Just google "EMF harm" or "EMF protection" for hundreds of entries. Besides all the wiring in our homes and work places, electrical equipment and appliances, fluorescent lights, cars and airplanes, we now have computers, video games, ipods and cellphones to deal with. Even watches and your alarm clock are emitting emf's, so I recommend some protection devices around your equipment and better yet, on your body as some kind of jewelry. Products are mostly found on-line, and some crystals are helpful (though never scientifically tested). My source went out of business so I'm researching new technologies and companies.

19. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (top)

Stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique", developed by Gary Craig. It's a form of hands-on energy work and emotional healing you do mostly on yourself, or with the assistance of a facilitator. Holding or tapping numerous acupuncture points and meridians, one repeats a series of phrases to release an unwanted emotion, belief or behavior from the entire system. It is quick and painless and results are experienced immediately. People have also found relief from physical ailments, allergies and phobias.

20. Energy Medicine (top)

A new field that embodies all the forms of energy work modalities, some ancient and some more recently discovered and developed. It is called medicine because of the wide spread application of energy work and its benefits on the entire human body, brain and energy systems. An example would be Acupuncture, an over 5,000 year old proven system of healing. Other disciplines can be applied on yourself as well as by a practitioner.

21. Energy Psychology (top)

A branch of energy medicine based on the theory that all psychological conditions have a corresponding energy disturbance in the system (especially the meridians). A method of clearing issues and energy from the whole system, rather than just from the mind or memory, and then replacing what was released with something positive and life-affirming. It is also based upon the premise that beliefs, emotions, traumas and stress are remembered and stored all over the body and energy system, which science has now validated, and need to be addressed at all those levels. Symptoms of distress are often reduced immediately by gentle touch and positive statements that move energy blockages and return the system to more balance. An example would be treating PTSD with energy medicine practices rather than just talk therapy.

22. Energy Work (top)

This tends to be a hands-on method of some kind, to ground yourself or alter the chakras, meridians, aura, and physical functioning. You can also use visualization, your mind and intentions to produce similar effects, by directing energy with thought. Various forms have been scientifically tested and documented to show increases in hemoglobin and wound healing, lowered heart rate and blood pressure, a change in brain scans or tumor size, calming of brain waves and an emotional and mental well-being. An example is Reiki, "faith healing", long distance healing, visualization of cancer cells being destroyed, psychic surgery, spiritual healing and some forms of prayer or group meditation/intention. A phenomenal healer is John of God from Brazil whom I spent 3 weeks at the center of. Check him out- mind blowing!

23. Entities (top)

A non-physical being of some kind, usually called a discarnate spirit or ghost. It is extremely common for them to linger on the Earth plane and not cross over into the Light right after death, and it is not the sensationalized version of them in the media or popular culture. Given that there are 6 billion people on the planet with hundreds of thousands dying daily, the Astral Plane is getting more crowded. There are a multitude of reasons Souls remain behind (I go into this topic thoroughly in a Handout I give to clients) and they often latch onto people's energy as a host body because they don't have their own. The places they hang out most seem to be hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions, prisons, bars, Walmart (just kidding!)- anywhere there are people who have an altered state of consciousness or weakened or compromised condition. Of course, since they are spirits, they can travel anywhere and find you wherever you are, even in your sleep. My approach with them is very firm yet compassionate, uncovering why they are involved with you or in your environment, and then assist them in crossing over. Most often they are just lost, frightened souls who had unfinished business on Earth or are fearful of what's on the other side (thanks, again, to religion). I help clients identify when they are experiencing this interference, why they are attracting them, and then teach them how to release the entities and protect themselves from further intrusion.

24. Frequency/Vibration (top)

All matter and all thought and emotion exist on different levels of vibration, just like strings of a violin or notes on a piano sound slightly different. A faster moving energy is a "higher", lighter vibration. We attract and manifest circumstances and people of a like frequency, as well as our emotional and physical state. Read about it in the new physics, especially String Theory, referring to parallel realities and universes existing simultaneously and side-by-side. Also, study the Law of Attraction written about by famous channel Esther Hicks in the Abraham material, the book and DVD "The Secret", Wayne Dyer's books on intention and his TV series on PBS, and many other authors. Plus it's been discussed on Oprah many times so you know it's gotta be good!

25. Guilt versus Shame (top)

Guilt can be a healthy response to feeling badly about a mistake or hurting someone. It should be temporary and a catalyst for one taking accountability for their actions and making amends. Guilt is over something you've done, or not done that you should have. Shame is much more toxic. It is based on who and what you are, not an action. It says you're essentially not good enough or not adequate, unworthy or bad, unlovable, etc. Most of us get a dose of this somewhere along childhood; if not, then school and church may implant it later. Being abused or neglected as a child guarantees it.

26. Holistic Medicine (top)

A model of healing or psychotherapy that takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person, and assumes that they are all interconnected and interdependent. Other terms for holistic healing are alternative medicine, complimentary medicine, natural healing and is an approach that can enhance any medical treatmnt you are under if you decide to work with a Naturopathic Physician, Chiropractor, Nutritionist or Acupuncturist, etc. More and more medical doctors are finally evolving, with great role models like TV celebrity Dr. Oz and the famous brain specialist, Dr. Amen who also has numerous PBS TV series. Drs Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Bernie Siegel, Andrew Weil, Joan Borysenko and Christiane Northrup are some of the prominent pioneers and leaders in the holistic medicine movement.

27. Karma (top)

It's generally referred to as "cause and effect" from your thoughts and actions, taught via Hinduism and Buddhism. My modern understanding and experience with it is that it's more simply about unfinished business and lessons that a Soul reincarnates to complete as the continuing curriculum, with less of a moral or ethical judgement on it than religion has taught. In fact, from my years of Soul Readings, hypnosis and research, I have found that individuals are much harder on themselves than any outside force. The Spirit World has tremendous compassion and patience for our foibles and we often believe we have to judge and punish ourselves by having a difficult life, in order to redeem ourselves to God. Manmade religions have only furthered our shame and guilt, for even being born as humans! If having a challenging life was an indicator of being "bad" in a former one, then why have most of the great leaders, saints and teachers throughout history been ill, crippled, persecuted, tortured, betrayed and killed? I believe we all choose the kinds of lessons and challenges we want to take on in our next journey, for reasons only known to that Soul's innermost Being, and it's often not what it appears. And yes, at some point, we must all balance out that drama and dance between victim and perpetrator that we have ALL participated in. My Soul Readings and Soul Integration Process address all of these issues directly.

28. Long Distance Healing (top)

Any kind of energy work or healing that is performed over the phone, on a photo of the subject or across time and space, without the person (or pet) present. It is based upon the principle that intention and energy transcend time and space and certainly if we are working with Spirit Guides and Angels, they operate from another whole dimension already. This has been scientifically proven to be effective and powerful from various types of scientific experiments and studies.

29. Meridians (top)

Circuits of energy lines throughout the body discovered by the Chinese over 5000 years ago and able to be scientifically measured today. There are 12 major meridians and 8 specialized ones with hundreds of acupuncture or acupressure points along the way. They affect every function of the body as well as emotional and mental states by circulating electrical energy, Chi, Ki or essential life force (these terms are referred to often in Eastern martial arts). Acupuncturists use thin, painless needles to stimulate or sedate energy points along these "super highways" to bring about balance and vitality to all the organs and systems. You can also use your fingers to place pressure or rub on the points.

30. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (top)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a cutting edge technology for changing thoughts and behavior, without exploring content or motivation. It's involved with the five senses, nervous system and brain (Neuro), language (Linguistic) and how we perceive reality and learn (Programming). It is the study of verbal and non-verbal communication and is utilized by therapists, educators, public speakers and sales professionals. I have been certified in it by Tad James, one of the leading developers of NLP, and incorporate it into various therapeutic modalities and hypnotherapy, as well as in all the fields mentioned above.

31. Pendulum Dowsing (top)

It is using some type of object to swing off of a string, chain or cord as a pendulum. Asking questions of the Universal Intelligence, your Divine Guides or Subconscious Mind, one can program the object to move in certain ways for a "yes", "no", "maybe", etc. There are also many simple and sophisticated informational charts one can hold a pendulum over to move to an option listed. Dowsing is done with rods as well, copper being the best. One can search for underground water or oil (gold if you're lucky), lost items, or ask personal questions about your health or life. Pendulums will respond to energy so can be used to measure chakra activity, a sensitivity or allergy to a food or substance, etc. I teach a course in "Advanced Pendulum Dowsing" along with other intuition and divination skills. There are a myriad of helpful applications for dowsing, but one should learn the proper and safe way to "channel" information by this means. I can personally tutor you if you're not near a class location.

32. Reincarnation (top)

The continuation of a Soul's journey through many lifetimes, to gain experience and wisdom, and eventually mastery over this Earthly dimension. Besides the endless skills and knowledge a person can acquire, it seems to take countless times to fully master the art of being an awakened Human, to bring Spirit and God into the Realm of the physical, to fully embody attributes such as unconditional love, forgiveness, non-violence and compassion and the power to manifest. We are still just utilizing a tiny percent of our brains! Even though it is the common view that Western religions don't acknowledge reincarnation, there is evidence that there were inferences to it in early Christianity before it was removed by Emperor Constantine around 300 A.D. and in Books such as the Gnostic Gospels or the Dead Sea Scrolls. In fact, ther are STILL numerous references to reincarnation terms in the King James Bible. The politics of the Christian Church have altered many things over time (think Davinci Code) and through several language translations, and religion is responsible for more killing of innocent people, in the name of God, than any "evil" in this world (Inquisition, the Middle East, Ireland, etc.) It is reasonable to conclude that to include the doctrine of reincarnation would not have served the agendas of greedy men hungry for power and control of the masses. A system of having to abide by manmade laws and teachings and pay homage to a punitive Creator unless (fill in the blank), disempowers the individual, causes us to exist in fear and shame, and makes us not question authority or take personal responsibility by learning from our mistakes and correcting them. It keeps us oppressed in sheep mentality and forever children, subservient to a God who gives, and then taketh away. The Jesus and God I know could not possibly exist within the contradictory descriptions given in the modern version of the Bible and other Holy books. My belief is that reincarnation is the only thing that makes the madness of this world make sense, and the only system that reflects an intelligent and compassionate Creator. The inequity and injustice, the drastic disparity between individual lives and whole cultures couldn't be just a random luck of the draw, and this is the only shot you get at it? Severely disabled and poor, abused unloved child or gorgeous, brilliant celebrity living a life of priviledge and pleasure? Who decides, and why? Reincarnation is a very complex subject and one of my favorites. I would love to share more of my insights and experiences on this with you, in more depth, if we have the opportunity.

33. Self-Esteem (top)

An innate sense of having self-worth, merely for existing, not for having or doing. Feeling valuable and valued, starting in childhood and developing fully by adulthood. Many self-destructive behaviors and psychological problems originate from a damaged self-esteem, as well as attempting to over-compensate for low self-esteem by going to extremes in some direction. Healthy self-esteem is not the same as an inflated ego or being conceited or self-important in an arrogant or unrealistic way.

34. Soul Contracts (top)

Agreements made in the spirit world before an incarnation having to do with the learning we wanted to achieve, life purpose and mission, specific relationship agreements, etc. I believe we can usually renegotiate these after we incarnate, because we have free will, unless the ego is trying to squirm out of something the Soul insists is for the greatest benefit of its development. These "contracts" can just be agreements we made with ourselves, to be and do certain things in life. There is also a version of negative contracts, such as vows of poverty or suffering that seemed like a good idea at the time but turned out to not be so wise or appropriate, or much harder to fulfill than we anticipated.

35. Subconscious Mind (top)

It is the storage of the sum total of all our past experiences and conditioning. It's the part of our thought processes and emotions that we are partially or fully unaware of; thus, it rules most of our moods and behaviors without us even knowing it and its tape loops operate 24/7. Dreams obviously reflect the contents of the subconscious and we can intentionally access it by methods like hypnosis, guided imagery and some types of bodywork and muscle testing/Applied Kinesiology. In order to successfully and lastingly change habits, addictions, certain beliefs and behaviors, emotional traumas and motivation, we need to address things at the subconscious level because that's where most of the material is, like the base of an icebur that is below the water. This is why talk therapy alone is very limited, as well as even some of the more alternative modalities such as affirmations, if done just superficially. If there is subconscious programming or experiences that strongly contradict the affirmations, you can tell yourself you'll be rich and thin all day and not get results! Many people get discouraged with various healing techniques or the law of attraction because they don't seem to work for them- most of my methods incorporate the subconscious mind in some way so results are quicker and more enduring.

36. Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) (top)

Tapas Acupressure Technique, developed by an innovative acupuncturist named Tapas Fleming. It is one of the Energy Psychology methods I use that is similar to EFT and a handful of other techniques based on the same principles. You hold certain acupuncture and brain points, and go through a series of statements to clear the energy of a trauma, emotion, belief, event, even a past life. The main difference with this model is that more processing of content and emotion is experienced, and you feel the shifting of energies more fully. I integrate more statements into the process, along with NLP reinforcers and energy work, for deeper and more lasting results. You can do it on yourself too. Time it takes is 20-40 minutes per issue.

37. Time Line Therapy (top)

It is based on the theory that everyone has a "time line" that consists of all a person's recorded history - and through quick and painless techniques a therapist guides you to certain events and limiting decision points, they are cleared and reframed and seemingly magically take on new meaning from a different viewpoint. Can be used on past lives too. It's like rewriting your Personal History.

38. Ungrounded (top)

A milder version of dissociated (see above), which people do frequently and more sporadically throughout a day. It's a spacey feeling of not being fully in your body, not being able to focus or concentrate, feeling drained, overwhelmed or scattered. It can be easily and quickly remedied with certain meditations and energy practices, and deeper exploration of causes and solutions can be pursued if it's chronic.

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