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"Ms Rose is one of the most respected and sought after counselors and trainers. She has consistently proven to be innovative, versatile, resourceful and results oriented, even with dual diagnosis clients."

 Christy DeMoll ~ County Services Manager in Portland, Oregon


"I have never met a therapist who has as much a grasp of the human psyche equal to insight into matters of spirit, as Sophia."
Rachel Romanelli ~ Founder of the Montana School of Massage

"Clear, precise, liberating. Sophia's groundbreaking work is solidly based in personal experience and diverse training and resources. I have received many sessions from  Sophia and referred numerous clients with a multitude of issues whom have been completely satisfied and became repeat clients. Her classes have also been very popular in MT. See her if you're serious about lasting change!"

Jean Logan ~ Licensed Acupuncturist & Qi Gong Teacher, Co-owner of Health Options Clinic in Montana

"As a corporate trainer for my sales and personal development company, Sophia's humor, dynamic personality and expertise created an educational, enlightening and entertaining environment and curriculum for sales professionals in a variety of industries to acquire the skills and mind set for positive results in their careers AND personal lives. She was also a top closer for bringing in sales to subsequent seminars."

Eric Lofholm ~ President of Sales Champion International

"Sophia offered private sessions of all kinds of healing modalities and psychic and energy readings and a variety of classes in my Feng Shui Center and metaphysical bookstore and gift shop for 7 years in Missoula MT. She quickly created a following and was often the top earner of the week, and I had healers in every day. She worked with a variety of mental and physical problems and every spiritual question imaginable from people of all ages and backgrounds as Missoula is a college town and tourist destination to numerous national parks. Many of my customers from all over the US became long distance clients of Sophia's and then referred others to her. In her sessions and classes, Sophia has a gift to communicate deep spiritual teachings and complex concepts in a fun, down to earth and accessible way."

Johna Kuntz ~ Owner of the Feng Shui Center & White Tiger Gifts, Missoula Montana

"After one in person session I signed up for a 10 session package which I expected would barely make a dent since I'd been to traditional therapists for years, and tried a lot of approaches for my neuroses and chronic pain. The price was really a great value and I was able to do both in-person and phone sessions, with equal effectiveness. With every appointment I received clear insight and healing and new tools to incorporate into my daily routines. I finally was easily able to become a regular meditator which has greatly helped my depression and anxiety. I'm relieved of life long issues with boundaries and being drained by my dysfunctional family and toxic relationships. Most days I have minimal to no pain from fibromyalgia which I've been disabled from for 10 years. She can find the interconnectedness of all things, and has amazing intuitive abilities and skills in so many areas of diagnosing and healing, and she is incredibly loving and supportive"

Jennifer Walker ~ Business Owner, San Diego

"Sophia has a gift to communicate higher states of consciousness in very clear and profound ways. Her humility and wisdom make her sessions a deep, life changing experience. I've received significant guidance and straightforward responses to long unanswered questions. I highly recommend her if you feel stuck, lost, need clarity or just want to know yourself better. I've referred many friends to her who received more than they expected and have continued on as regular clients."

Anton Possenig ~ Interior Designer, Barbara Brennan School of Healing Graduate, Miami

"Though I never met Sophia, and my initial session was a gift certificate, I now consider her a confidante and mentor. She has an ability to hone right in on your essence and core issues, and is full of resources to assist you to heal your obstacles and reach your goals. I was a highly sensitive person overwhelmed by many things and did not have a healthy lifestyle. With exceptional compassion and skill she helped me overcome multiple allergies, insomnia and high blood pressure from my very stressful job, which I have also moved on from."

Katherine Rosen ~ Sales Manager, San Francisco

"Wow! A 2 hour phone session with Sophia changed my life by giving me answers I'd searched for many years for. I'd been to so many healers and psychics and none had been able to crack the shell to set me free. Sophia's Assessment Sheet is really like taking a microscope to every part of your life, but the energy evaluation and soul history were the most fascinating and instructive part for me. The Soul Integration Process is unlike anything I've ever read or been exposed to. Now I understand the causes of my low self-esteem and how I set myself up to be a victim, in this lifetime and from past ones. I've learned how to forgive myself and others. But most of all I know my true Soul and Life purpose for this incarnation and how everything that has happened has been to guide me in that direction!"

Cynthia Woods ~ Artist, Phoenix

"Sophia was an angel that was sent to me a year after my son's suicide. With all my education in psychology and support groups, I was still in a very hopeless black hole, plagued with grief, regret, guilt and anger. The worst loss was that of my faith. In a short time, Sophia was able to teach me EFT Tapping and other emotional release and stress management techniques. I received divine messages about my son through her and the purpose of his passing so that I was finally able to have closure. And now I have a much deeper relationship with Spirit which is a constant source of comfort."

Patricia-Borden Smith PhD ~ retired Psychology Professor, Portland

"Sophia was an integral part of my recovery journey from cancer with her eclectic background in nursing, psychology and holistic healing. She taught me creative visualization and affirmative prayer, helped me clear old emotional baggage, coached me on supplements and natural remedies and gave me a spiritual perspective on my experience. Her approach will enhance any medical treatment you choose. 

    Karen Goldstein ~ Teacher, San Diego

"Always practical, insightful and fun, Sophia is not only an awesome counselor and intuitive reader and healer, but also a mentor and teacher. She has opened many new doors for me personally and professionally, helping me to cultivate my own healing gifts for others. She empowers you to learn how to heal yourself and master your body, thoughts and emotions, and even your energy system."

      Shannon Gaites ~ Student and Massage Therapist, Portland

"Sophia's use of interactive hypnotherapy and other clearing processes enabled me to finally deal with the abuse of my childhood in a safe and nurturing way. I was able to get off of my depression and anxiety meds and start to live the life I had been deprived of up until then. She has lived the path of the Wounded Healer and her courage and determination helped me to make it through. Her profound work and deep compassion go right to the heart and soul."

  Gail Brighton ~ Teacher, Montana

"I have called Sophia over a period of 4 years for readings on every subject imaginable, and even when I am having some kind of emotional or mental meltdown(i.e. my divorce, business failure). She has always been there for me, even on short notice,  with insight, clarity, compassion and tough love, when necessary."

  Bob Smythe ~ Business Owner, Seattle

"I originally worked with Sophia on increasing productivity and sales after she presented a very effective workshop at our office, yet discovered so much more about myself. The insights and tools I gained enabled me to change my entire life, not just attain my goals and she actually made the hard work of transformation fun!" 

Cynthia Santoro ~ Sales Manager, Los Angeles

"I was able to completely change my lifestyle to overcome workaholism, regain my health, quit smoking, lose 50 pounds, and overcome my shyness and lack of confidence to where I am engaged to my soul mate now! I tried hypnosis for some of these problems before but it didn't stick. What it takes is a lot of support to make these kinds of deep changes of identity and behavior. Your flexible availability, homework, and customized audio recordings made all the difference."

  David Bronson ~ IT Geek/Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley CA

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