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I work with a variety of life and health issues with a holistic, integrated menu of modalities (see other links for specific modalities) drawing upon many years as a social worker, nurse, bodyworker and healing and spiritual practitioner.  My specialties are spiritual development, depression and anxiety, eliminating self-sabotage and building self-esteem, trauma, recovery from dysfunctional childhood and incest or abuse, relationship issues, forgiveness work, health challenges, life purpose and career, prosperity, and peak performance in work/sports/expressive arts/business.

EFT, NLP, energy work and spirtual intervention quickly eliminate phobias and allergies. I teach you all of this with written instructions and videos. Chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and other illnesses are approached from all angles, including nutritional and natural supplement recommendations. Many people have been able to get off of very damaging prescription meds and anti-depressants learning how to balance neurotransmitters, hormones and brain chemicals through mind power, lifestyle, stress management, meditation, diet and natural remedies (see more about physical conditions on other pages).

My methods of addressing the whole person and enlisting the powers of the very habitual subconscious mind and Inner Child and other personality parts, are uniquely effective for compulsive behaviors and destructive habits such as overeating, gambling, excess shopping, sexual acting out, shop lifting, nail biting, etc. Hypnosis and Guided Journeys are used as appropriate, especially for integrating all the Inner Parts of the personality. I only accept alcohol, drug or cigarette addicted and abusing clients who are seriously commited to doing the inner work and behavior modification that is necessary to break free. 

I provide a safe, respectful and nurturing atmosphere, but with a dose of tough love when required. My style is client-centered, meaning I follow the verbal and non-verbal cues of my client rather than my pre-conceived agendas for a session. This, combined with intuitive guidance and the diagnostic tools of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and Pendulum Dowsing. enable your time to be more targeted to the most relevant and productive content. The essence of a holistic orientation is to incorporate the body, subconscious mind, emotions and spirit, in diagnosis and in treatment.

A recording and notes are provided with each session, as well as book and resource suggestions. I maintain an international clientele by phone/video app and can email the recording and all  handouts and audio/video resources to you. Please call or email for a complimentary 10 minute consultation to determine if we are a good match. 



Ship at Sea
"Ms Rose is one of the most respected and sought after counselors and trainers.
She has consistently proven to be innovative, versatile, resourceful and results oriented, even with dual diagnosis clients."

~ Christy DeMoll ~
County Services Manager in Portland, Oregon
"I've never met a therapist who has as much a grasp of the human psyche
equal to insight into matters of Spirit."

~ Rachel Romanelli ~
Founder of the Montana School of Massage
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