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NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a cutting edge technology for accelerated thought and behavior changes, without exploring content or origins of the material or issues you're working with. It's involved with the five senses, nervous system and brain (Neuro), language (Linguistic) and how we perceive reality and learn (Programming).

It is the study of verbal and non-verbal communication, and how we structure and organize our memories and learning. Since it operates more from a mental and brain function perspective than an emotional or psychological one, I tend to incorporate NLP into all other modalities rather than utilize it as an exclusive discipline. It is useful for educators, students, public speakers, sales professionals, managers, performers and athletes, and I've benefited from it in all these fields of endeavor.

Tony Robbins, the peak performance guru and author, who is considered to be the best and highest paid motivational trainer and speaker in America, is responsible for really popularizing NLP with the general public, and has attributed NLP to much of his early personal and professional success. I had the privilege to market Tony's personal development seminars for his international training company and be a trainer, myself, for one of his former trainers and proteges.

"We can not solve problems with the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them."

~ Albert Einstein ~
Scientist & Philosopher

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is another revolutionary and rapid therapeutic technology, designed by Tad James, one of the developers of NLP. It is based on the theory that everyone has a "time line" that consists of all a person's recorded history - joys and fears, happiness and sorrow, loves and hates, limiting and empowering decisions - and it's a major part of the personality.

Intervening in a client's Time Line in a guided journey process, a therapist is able to assist the client to create seemingly miraculous changes- changes that extend even to the deepest level of personality, all without having to re-experience the unpleasant content of what's shifted. After bringing new resources from your current adult self and your "Higher" Self to these events and experiences, your map of reality can get rearranged in such a way that you've convinced your subconscious mind that certain negative feelings or thoughts don't exist anymore. It's like rewriting your Life Story, and not having to remain stuck in the past. Finally, having resolved the issues and pain of the past, Time Line Therapy gives us a specific way of creating a new future time line, using our imagination and Time Line principles.

I was trained and certified by Tad James in Time Line andNLP, and received additional hypnosis training from him, as well.

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