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I offer classes, workshops, retreats and support groups in personal and spiritual development, stress management and meditation, energy psychology and energy healing, developing intuition, advanced pendulum dowsing, self-hypnosis and creative visualization, and recovery from trauma, childhood issues, and addictions. I've taught Expressive Arts, Creative Movement and am certified in Zumba Dance Fitness and Zumba Gold, for adults and active seniors. (See descriptions under Power Play Events).

I've presented lectures and classes at adult education programs, community centers, senior centers, the YWCA women's prison transition facility, Camp Make-A-Dream for kids with cancer, Montana public access TV, metaphysical stores, special interest groups, wellness expos and psychic fairs, in addition to being a professional trainer and public speaker for the Oregon Mental Health Division and a training and personal development company throughout California.

Drawing upon my broad background and acting and comedy pursuits, I promise to bring your group an engaging, dynamic, entertaining and thought provoking presentation, customized to your needs and interests.

Please email me to let me know what topics you're interested in learning more about and to be put on my mailing list for educational and fun events.

Below are some classes and workshop I led but there is nothing currently on the schedule. I took a break to develop new material and a book, travel and relocate to San Diego. I've also been studying and building an online marketing business, and launching my practice to be more globally accessible, since I now live outside of the US most of the time. Teaching people how to become financially independent and free through portable, passive and residual income will be part of my next focus. Since I am semi-retired, international travel is my primary passion.

Meditation, Energy Work & Advanced Intuition Skills Series ~ Crystal Limit Shop, Missoula, MT

Healing & Integrating The Inner Child ~ Feng Shui Center & Gift Shop, Missoula, MT

Meditation & Energy Medicine Series ~ Adult Ed. Program, Missoula, MT:

Week 1:

Introduction to various kinds of Eastern and Western meditation techniques and their benefits, including what has been scientifically tested. We will then practice some basic breathing and tracking yourself meditation. Introduction to human energy systems, terminology and functions- chakras, aura, meridians, nervous system, right and left brain hemispheres. Handouts given.

Week 2:

Feedback from home practice sessions. Introduce more types of meditation using music, mantras (sounds), mudras (hand positions)- practice them. Discuss and demonstrate how to work with chakras, being grounded and focused, clearing one's energy and feeling centered, creating strong boundaries. Practice each of these. Handouts given.

Week 3:

Feedback from home practice sessions- Q & A. Guided meditation session. Introduction to more complex energy medicine exercises related to physical health and vitality, drawing much upon Donna Eden's book, "Energy Medicine". Practice them. Handouts given.

Week 4:

Feedback from home practice sessions. Guided meditation session. Introduction to more energy exercises for mental and emotional functioning and well-being, from Eden's book and Brain Gym. These are for mental and emotional balance, improved learning and concentration and interventions for crisis times. Practice them. Final Q & A. Handouts given. Booklist provided.

Emotional & Cellular Clearing Workshop ~ Adult Ed. Program, Missoula, MT

You'll learn the anatomy of human energy systems and simple, easy, yet powerful methods for clearing unwanted emotions, beliefs and traumas from your mind and body, including the nervous system and energy systems, such as chakras and meridians. These methods have proven useful with relieving allergies and some other physical conditions, as well. We'll combine EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and you'll receive handouts of written instructions.

Women's Empowerment Celebration ~ Portland OR

On a stunning piece of property 20 miles south of Portland, we'll participate in a rich, fun and therapeutic day of guided energy practices and dynamic, cathartic dance meditations, muscle testing, channeled writing, clearing processes, partner exercises and group sharing. Gorgeous hiking trails nearby, for a late afternoon stroll in nature before or after, if you're inclined.

Tapping Into Prosperity ~ San Diego, CA

4 week series exploring all the conscious and subconscious beliefs around issues of money, work, self worth. Identifying childhood programming as well as past life influences. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), tapping to systematically clear all the blockages and self-sabotage to abundance in all areas of life. Includes practical instruction on the Law of Attraction, manifesting, and working with guidance and intuition to take affirmative action daily towards one's goals.

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