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Self-Help Tools

This is a list of the self-help tools you'll be given after each session- educational information and techniques you can use on your own. With every process I do with you I'll include follow-up support materials to reinforce the work and to give you invaluable resources to use ongoingly. Articles, audios, videos and a book list are also available.
  1.Life & Energy Assessment Profile Report
  2.Coaching Self-Assessment and Goal Planner
  3. Aura Cleansing & Strengthening
  4. Chakra Evaluation
  5.Chakra Healing
  6. Grounding & Being In Your Body
  7. Daily Spiritual & Energy Practice
  8. Daily De-stress & Energy Boost Routine
  9. Violet Flame Technique
10.Healthy Lifestyle & Diet
11.Various Meditations
12. Cellular Reprogramming
13.Rapid Emotional Release
14.Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)- Instructions, Audio, Video
15. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
16. Brain Gym Exercises
17. Entity Release or Space Clearing
18.Undoing Energy Cords
19.Forgiveness Practices
20.Inner Child Recovery
21. Non-Dominant Handwriting Instructions
22. Reincarnation and the Afterlife
23. The Law of Attraction
24.The Power of Intention & Science of Manifestation
25. Body Cleanse & Liver Detoxification
26.How To Work With Spirit Guides
27.Instructions for Pendulum Dowsing with Advanced Charts
28. Instructions for Muscle Testing
29. Tell The Truth Journal Exercise
30. Communication Skills
31. Couple's Therapy
32. The Sacred Wound Theory & Exercises
33. ET's and the History of the Earth

1. Assessment Questionnaire (top)

A comprehensive evaluation of your complete energy systems, your deepest beliefs and emotional state, your past life and soul history, life purpose, and an analysis on some of your particular questions with recommended interventions from Spirit. This could include an analysis of a health condition, as well. These answers are channeled directly from the Divine Intelligence with the additional assistance of a pendulum and a percentage chart, and are directed at the deepest part of your Being- the subconscious mind and soul level (not what your conscious mind thinks the answers might be). A brief verbal interview and the assessment is typically the first step for new clients, and especially for those wanting to do multiple sessions. The understanding we'll gain of your issues and deepest attitudes is comparable to hours of talk therapy, and give me the direction and approach that is most beneficial to go with your healing and therapy.

2. Coaching Self-Assessment & Goal Planner (top)

Worksheets to do a self-assessment of every area of your inner and outer life followed with a process for setting your intentions and having a goal planner to implement them. Additional worksheets to monitor your progress or to understand the lack of it (what's sabotaging you).

3. Aura Cleansing & Strengthening(top)

Aura analysis and instructions for cleansing and strengthening, building strong boundaries for protection, health and vitality.

4. Chakra Evaluation (top)

A chakra handout with your ratings for how well each one is functioning and what the probable issues and challenges are. Includes explanations and diagram of the function of 8 major chakras.

5. Chakra Healing (top)

Various methods to clear, cleanse, balance and strengthen the chakras.

6. Grounding & Being In Your Body (top)

Explanation of what that means and how it's done, reasons for why people are disconnected and why it's important to correct.

7. Daily Spiritual & Energy Practice (top)

A daily routine for morning and evening that is a stream lined compilation of techniques in a logical sequence that address various facets of your energy system and physical, mental and emotional well-being. Includes guided imagery, affirmations and hands-on work. Overall, it's an active "meditation".

8. Daily De-stress & Energy Boost Routine (top)

The best of practices from various teachers, including Donna Eden, author of "Energy Medicine".
You'll get instant results from these!

9. Violet Flame Technique (top)

A powerful visualization and meditation to transmute negative or dense energy.

10. Healthy Lifestyle & Diet (top)

Basic dietary guidelines for optimal health, foods to avoid, common allergens, simple practices that make a difference! Tips on natural remedies and nutritional supplements which I can muscle test or use the pendulum for, to determine your needs.

11. Various Meditations (top)

Instructions for sitting and other types of meditations, some for specific purposes and healing. Many are from a Buddhist perspective, which combines spiritual mindfulness with psychotherapeutic benefit.

12. Cellular Reprogramming (top)

A 2 page handout explaining the premise of this deep and powerful process, and how it works with detailed instructions. This is a synthesis of methods from Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It's powerful, quick and easy and can be used, repeatedly, for clearing any negative experience, emotion, belief or condition from your life. Takes 20-40 minutes.

13. Rapid Emotional Release (top)

A 3 minute energy exercise for releasing any stress or unwanted thought or emotion, by tapping acupuncture meridians and simple repeating a release statement. It entails no content or processing so is a great "emergency" intervention or quick prevention or booster. Can be done anytime, anywhere.

14. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (top)

Deatailed instructions, audios and videos for the full EFT Tapping. Originally discovered to work miraculously on phobias, this can be used for any issue, including physical illnesses and allergies. It has been a potent intervention for severe trauma situations around the world such as natural disaster victims, survivors of sexual abuse and war veterans. Takes only 3 to 30 minutes.

15. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (top)

Exercises from a cutting edge technology for thought pattern and behavior change. Advantageous for therapists, educators, students, public speakers, sales professionals, managers, performers and sports performance. Quick and easy but miraculously effective.

16. Brain Gym Exercises (top)

Simple exercises to heal, calm or stimulate the brain and integrate right and left brain hemispheres. De-stresses the whole system, improves learning and concentration and can alter behavior for the better. Beneficial and fun for children too.

17. Entity Release or Space Clearing (top)

Step by step procedure and statements for clearing negative energy attachments from yourself or environment. It is an extremely common phenomenon to have astral entities hanging around who haven't "crossed over", who look for "hosts" to latch onto. Other types of spirits are more rare but can be dealt with in a similar way. If this is a problem for you, you'll have a time-proven and safe method to use.

18. Undoing Energy Cords (top)

Step by step procedure and statements for removing psychic energy cords someone has sent you (intentionally or unintentionally, which is more the case). If it's someone you've had a significant relationship with of some kind, dialoguing and mutual forgives process is usually appropriate and needed, for lasting results and resolving the karma between you.

19. Forgiveness Practices (top)

Explanation of what forgiveness is and isn't. Written exercises for forgiving yourself and others. Meditations and processes for clearing the pain and anger behind the circumstances.

20. Inner Child Recovery (top)

Exercises for communicating with and healing the part of us that is the "wounded child", still stuck in some of the emotions, beliefs and traumas of childhood. Much of this material is derived from the pioneering author and teacher on the dysfunctional family, John Bradshaw.

21. Non-Dominant Handwriting (top)

A powerful, revealing exercise for accessing transformative information from your subconscious mind. Can be used to communicate with any of the "inner parts" of your personality, such as the Inner Child, self-saboteur, the rebel, etc. Helpful with getting to know your deepest needs and motivations so is excellent for working with addictions (including overeating) and any health challenge. This a way to reclaim all of your authentic self and develop new, healthier ways to provide for all of your needs.

22. Reincarnation and the Afterlife (top)

Reviews different theories of reincarnation and the afterlife, as well as amazing reports of the Spirit World between lifetimes, from clients in deep hypnosis. Many clients I've done readings for already had a strong sense of significant past life events before I told them, and had dreams and inklings for years. I share historical data supporting the existence of reincarnation and famous case studies of past life recall that was proven to be actual memories, and include tidbits of my own experiences with past life regressions and flashbacks. You'll receive book references of the best material on these subjects.

23. The Law of Attraction (top)

Many articles, audios and videos on the subject. Understand the scientific, psychological and metaphysical facets of living in harmony with the "law of attraction".

24. The Power of Intention & Science of Manifestation (top)

Many articles, audios and videos on the subject. Explore the scientific, psychological and metaphysical facets of this phenomenon. My own commentary and experiences with this phenomenon.

25. Body Cleanse & Liver Detoxification (top)

Suggestions for cleansing diets and recipes for colon or liver/gallbladder flushes. Especially good for handling an excess of candida or parasites in the intestinal tract, and to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and immune system. A cleanse also enhances absorption of food nutrients and all those supplements you might be spending a lot of money on.

26. How To Work With Spirit Guides (top)

Discussion of qualities of beneficial and advanced guides and how to identify them and safely work with them for guidance. Essential guidelines for newcomers and an important reminder for experienced "channelers".

27. Instructions for Pendulum Dowsing with Advanced Charts(top)

Learn the ancient art of pendulum dowsing the correct and safe way, for maximum accuracy and diversity of use. Advanced Pendulum charts including alphabet, numbers, percentages and a multitude of topics.

28. Instructions for Muscle Testing (top)

Learn how to accurately donumerous forms of muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to ask the body for information about health, foods and supplements, as well as emotional and psychological questions.(top)

29. Tell The Truth Journal Exercise (top)

A series of probing questions to respond to in regards to any issue in your life. Excellent for uncovering subconscious influences and "secondary gain", that is, what the pay-off is for having this seemingly negative thing in your life. Excellent for dealing with health conditions or any other limitation.(top)

30. Communication Skills (top)

How to deal with anger, frustration, judgement and conflict in personal and professional relationships. Effective ways to responsibly communicate difficult feelings with respect, and how to ask for our needs to be met. How to set boundaries when necessary.(top)

31. Couple's Therapy (top)

Numerous exercises for improving communication, healing old wounds, asking for what you want, active listening, and enhancing intimacy emotionally and sexually. Practices for creating safety and closeness for new and seasoned partners. Tantric sexual practices for sensual, emotional and spiritual intimacy and increased pleasure.(top)

32. The Sacred Wound Theory & Exercises(top)

Excerpts from Jean Houston's revolutionary book, "In Search of the Beloved", on the nature of the sacred wounding of crisis, abuse, abandonment and betrayal that all humans participate in as sacred initiations into our Soulhood, including the greatest spiritual masters, such as Jesus. Exercises for working with those experiences from your life, to receive the gifts, power and wisdom from them.

33. ET's and the History of the Earth( top)

A synopsis of various theories and findings of our species origins and the history of Earthly and other planetary life. Channeled references from the most reliable, respected authors in the field. Check out the outstanding TV series, "Ancient Aliens", on the History Channel.
© 2000 and Photos by Sophia Rose. All rights reserved.