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                HOUSE  &  PET  SITTING               

I am highly and uniquely skilled with all kinds of animals and properties with a wealth of experience and recommendations. 
I offer expert and loving care of your pets, home, yard, plants, a sitting agreement form and checklist/instruction form for your convenience, regular texts or emails keep you updated along with photos and videos of your pets being exercised and nurtured. I will do an in-person or video interview beforehand. Pet portraits given as a bonus! I specialize in medical needs and behavior challenges drawing upon my background working with humans along with my exceptional intuition and sensitivity. Many references and testimonial letters, and criminal background check â€‹upon request​.

many breeds of dogs and cats including a 120 pound/55 kilos pit bull, exotic felines, birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, sheep, goats, free range and cooped chickens.

from a downtown condo to 10 acres in Montana for months at a time, an orchard of young fruit trees, Bonsai collection, gardens, herbs and i'm knowledgable with indoor and outdoor plants. Maintained automatic watering systems, fish ponds, fountains, artificial waterfalls, pools and jacuzzis. Former  pet owner, home owner and some property management work.

BA Psychology/Social Work, AA Nursing
Former Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in 12 holistic healing modalities.
Animal First Aid & CPR. Basic Dog Obedience. 
Many years in social work, health care and program management, running entire programs or departments in government agencies, health facilities and non-profits.
Always in helping professions, even when in sales. During college did some live-in care situations, professional house keeping and property management.
Since 1990 self-employed as a Holistic Therapist/Counselor/Wellness Educator. 

Extremely organized, detail oriented, a resourceful problem solver, trustworthy, reliable, household maintenance knowledge and confident driver of cars, vans, motorbikes- either side of the road!
Keen common sense and intuition, outstanding communication skills, meticulous house cleaner, knowledgeable of plant care, tech savvy, quiet and very spiritually oriented, meditator, non-smoker, non-drinker, do not date or party in your home.
I've been called the animal whisperer for my ability to tune into your pet's needs and reach the most traumatized, fearful or aloof cats and dogs and devise creative solutions to a variety of challenging problems. Great with pet massages from years as a professional massage therapist and energy healer. Knowledge of pet nutrition, natural remedies, pet First Aid /CPR, animal psychology and basic dog obedience instruction.
animals, conservation, gardening, healthy living, hiking, walking, nature expeditions, travel, web surfing, writing, photography, dance/performing arts, learning new things, spirituality. 

I am a youthful, able, adventurous, 60+ professional woman who was introduced to pet and house sitting in 1990 by a friend who was going on vacation and i was in transition after a breakup. Putting my stuff in storage for a month instead of moving seemed like a good option and bought me some time, and at that point i wanted to move from Oregon to California anyway. Then another friend asked, and when i relocated numerous times after that in various states and cities, it afforded me the time to rebuild my private practice and income. Fortunately i could move that business anywhere and over the years it has become more mobile working remotely via phone and computer with Life Coaching clients and classes.

I house and pet sat for no pay in the early years and just appreciated the savings on rent and utilities, the wonderful homes and yards i got to live in, but best of all has been the delightful animal family that has brought so much joy to my life (and some new human friends too), without the responsibility of vet bills and being home for potty breaks all the time! Being a pet sitter is like the special Beloved Auntie who comes and spoils the kids once in awhile! In later years i got compensated quite well in California, and in MX it's a mix of paid and barter.  
I have only sat in the US where i am from, Mexico where i semi retired from my professional work, and recently in Thailand but i'm open to any country or US state with warm weather. 
I've already traveled extensively and lived for months at a time in Mexico, Canada, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Turkey, South America and Europe.

PET  PHOTOS:   click here > Google Photo Album  


QUOTES  FROM  TESTIMONIALS: ( letters & detailed reference list upon request)

* Sophia is one of a kind. We wish we had a clone of her!  She spoiled us so much after 10 months of her care of our 10 acre property and animals. We never found a suitable replacement for her and left the house empty during the summers after she moved to California and our cat and chickens were gone.

* Sophia very adeptly managed to calm our newly acquired rescue pit bull's anxiety in a variety of situations based on her experience, background and training.  She also managed to care for our many plants, 50+ fish and fish pond superbly. 

* Within no time our one traumatized cat who is afraid of people took to Sophia, sitting on her lap. Our other cat we only had 2 weeks and our large dog and cat were not getting along with it. Within a few days Sophia had them all relaxed and interacting and sent many emails and photos.

* Our three dogs can be very shy and skittish with new people but with Sophia they were automatically at ease.  She brought treats and presents and would take them on long walks and field trips to new places.  They were always so happy to see her.

 * One of our dogs is blind and has diabetes. Sophia was very comfortable and capable of giving insulin shots twice a day. Our other dog needs a pill twice a day and our third dog is on a diet with special food and urinates in the house!  She even walked all of them together for long distances, which we even have trouble doing alone.

* She is a gem and I am so lucky to have found her.  My two cats cats have special needs.  It is a huge relief to have the confidence in Sophia  that she will attend to their specific care. She walks the two dogs twice a day and does an amazing job with leaving the house immaculate, watering the plants and sorting the mail.

* We tried pet sitters in the past, but found we need a special skilled, committed person for our 2 cats who do not get along together and spend time outdoors. Sophia checks on their whereabouts with our cat tracking system and makes sure they're safely inside at night, and has had to search the neighborhood more than onceYou will be happy with Sophia and her unique services. 

* You loved Baxter so much you came to stay with him for days when he was terminal with cancer while I worked long hours, and have since visited Sadie many times to take her for walks during the day when she is alone, even when you are not pet sitting for us!

* My 2 dogs had their daily long walks in the neighborhood canyon and to many special places in nature.  One was very difficult to handle being a 120 pound Pitbull who would attack other dogs or small wild animals.

* Sophia was incredibly responsible.  She paid bills for us, repotted plants, let us know when anything in the house wasn’t working, fixed it herself or arranged for repairs. 

* I wish you the best in Mexico, and I would certainly rent a car for you if you came to watch my dogs.  That's how much I appreciate you and feel comfortable having you stay here.

* I would describe Sophia as an upscale luxury dog and house sitter.  She is resourceful and responsible.  She is an expert at dog care and interaction.   A+ all around - you will be in good hands.


© 2000 and Photos by Sophia Rose. All rights reserved.